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Pharmascience Inc. contributes to the study Colchicine cardiovascular Trial result (COLCOT) of the Montreal Heart Institute, one a key study for cardiovascular patients and health system


Montreal, March 30 / PR.Vivar / – – Montreal Heart Institute (MSI) has
Today the results of his study Colchicine cardiovascular outcomes
Trial published (COLCOT). In this crucial study it was
the effect of colchicine in preventing ischemic
Cardiovascular diseases in patients with recent
Myocardial infarction (MI), which received standard treatment.
In this study, patients receiving daily beside
Standard treatment received 0.5 mg of colchicine, a lower rate
first and recurrent ischemic cardiovascular disease
compared to patients who received only standard treatment.
These data were reported simultaneously in the English Journal of Medical Medicine (NEJ).
announced today at a science session on the American Heart
The Association (AFA) is represented.

Pharmascience Inc. is proud to be a part of this innovative clinical center
A study whose results were significantly positive
Effects on cardiovascular outcomes of patients and patients
public health in general. It turned out
that inflammation in cardiovascular disease plays an important role
shows and the results of COLCOT are many
Significant progress in linking reduction to
Inflammation after myocardial infarction with improved
cardiovascular outcomes.

An important aspect of the COLCOT study is that it is new
The use of colchicine provides a drug that is used
Decades of treatment for gout and family Mediterranean fever
it's being used. The new use of older and prescribed drugs
involves finding additional uses for drugs that
have already been approved.

"The pharmacy has decided to innovate in
to support medical treatment like COLCOT here in Canada.
Our goal is to promote therapeutic innovation and
Improving patient outcomes with new indication
for old, proven drugs that are affordable
it can be, "said Dr. David Goodman, CEO of Pharmacist.
"We are convinced that these projects are perfect for us
I wish for suitability, through responsible entrepreneurship
contributed to therapeutic progress. "

The clinical use of colchicine is supported by the fact that
The security profile is well known and compared to some
newer cardiovascular drugs for similar indications many
Affordable Generations with new uses are becoming attractive
and effective options for public and private programs
Drug reimbursement in the context of current problems with
availability of new drugs.

"Unfortunately, only a few pharmaceutical companies follow this path
There are inherent economic obstacles, ”Dr Goodman added.
"There is no guarantee that additional spending on research
and development of new drug use
mind you, come back, because in generic medicine, intellectual property
is not protected. A pharmacy is for the social
Take advantage of taking this risk. But we should
Assisting authorities and managers of drug programs
for approval and payment, which the new use does not
brake, but instead offset the innovation. "


Pharmascience Inc. was founded in 1983 and has 1,500
The largest employer in the field of pharmacy in Quebec
and headquarters in Montreal. Pharmascience Inc. is a
Private pharmaceutical company covering a full range of
Offers services and is rooted in Canada. With sales in
more than 60 countries are expanding their global presence. With investments from
more than $ 43 million in 2018, Pharmascience Inc.
Rank 56th among Canada's Top 100 Investors in Research
Development is the fourth largest producer of generic drugs in the country.

Pharmascience Inc. pronounce values ​​based on the importance of
Investments in employees and youth are based. on
The company provides a range of programs and initiatives for
their personal development and life. 2019 received the Pharmaceutical
Inc., as part of Canada's Top 100 Employers Project
Recognition for his election investments in the group of
Canada's top youth employer and was named one
named Best Employer in Montreal. In 2018, it ranked
the prestigious magazine Forbes Pharmascience Inc. in its list of
Top 300 employers.

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