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Out of applause: Bielefelder needs to leave cooking show "Taste"


Chef Patrick Basher takes a big risk – and loses. When making decisions, his opponent beats him with a sheet of mint

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Bielefeld. "Had it been done according to the old rules, I would have been in the semifinals already," said chef Patrick Basher, the Bielefeld chef brought in the quarter-finals of the Sata 1 show of Sat 1's "Taste", but after the seventh episode, Patrick finished Basher must leave the show, especially upset that he has not had a chance to switch to another team, as the new rules of the seventh season allow jurors to use one Joker nominee each to bring the candidate to their team, which was previously ejected from another team, the three candidates already and It was allowed to change teams, and stayed another chance to Wednesday, November 13th. Basher needed his two spoons Not convincingly, he could still attract one of the other star chefs – if it weren't for the amateur chef Tobias from the Rowe Medellin stolen the show's theme of the night It was the World, coach Frank Rossin drew to be chosen, Peru. For the bookie okay. He knew what he wanted to cook: “Peruvian cuisine is about stew. Peruvians make a lot of stew. Cinnamon is also very typical for Peru. "However, it wasn't enough for a tasting, as teammate Frank Rossin chose Madeleine's spoon and entered the best team spoons. The weakest spoon came from Rau's team. that Tobias should go home – the "Taste" candidate with the most gold apron stars. Not surprisingly, it was when Maria buzzed big and offered the hobby chef a place in her team. So the pressure on solo cooking was even greater than the programs before it. There was no security network anymore. "I was probably a lot more excited because with the slightest mistake the train was going to leave tomorrow morning," says Basher, but he took the full risk: he used the Seventh Lemon, citrus fruits which, if unhappy, could be really bitter. "I had to dip it four times in sugar, which took a long time," says Basher. "I also loved the spoon a lot. The mint leaf makes the difference. Its soiled and flattened salmon with celery puree, candied lemon zest, fennel salad and wasabi carrot didn't suit the jury so well." I'm having a hard time. It's a lot with a lot, there's no clear idea, "says Tim Rowe. He gave Basher the red cape. So Basher landed for the first time in decision-making. He had the misfortune of competing against Susan from the Maria Gross Team. It was sour cabbage in the foreground. Basher tried the fish again, but forgot it in the smoking pot. Mentor Frank Rossin remained optimistic: "I thought we were not going to fly." But jury guest Martin Klein was too much of a spoon: "It wasn't a risk, it was a safety spoon, it must be a leaf of sour cabbage." However, Bielefelder had a parsley leaf on a spoon. Taste that made the difference. Candidate Susana won the decision and Basher had to leave the show in the ninth. That should not be the end of a television career "It's my job to be in front of the camera," Bielefelder said. Although he will no longer appear as a candidate on the Sat 1 show, Basher continues to work there, well known TV chef With his Boucher restaurant in Quel, it's also been shining since the broadcast, the 38-year-old says.

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