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Offenbach I'm Chief: Bloody Attack Planned – Police Summarize Suspected IS Supporters

meIn Offenbach, three IS suspects have been arrested. The men are said to have made preparations to kill as many people as possible in the Rhine-Main area with explosives or firearms. The planned act was religiously motivated, the defendant should have been recognized in the past as a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) extremist militia.

According to the prosecution, the detainees are 24-year-old Germans of Macedonian origin, as well as 22- and 21-year-old Turkish nationals. The 24-year-old chief defendant is accused of having procured basic ingredients for explosives production and searching the internet for firearms.

The Public Prosecutor's Office, along with the State Criminal Police Office in Chesapeake, searched three apartments in Offenbach. About 170 officials at the state criminal investigations office and South Hessen police headquarters are involved, as well as special police forces. In the process, a number of evidences, especially written documents and electronic data carriers, have been found that are currently being evaluated.

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The 24-year-old chief defendant provided various explosive-related substances and equipment. He is also said to have searched the Internet for firearms. The man is still due to be arraigned Tuesday in Frankfurt District Court.

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