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Noise during veterans: the opposition speaks of "wandering"

Thus, the term veteran is not related to the length of service or function in the Bundeswehr. Even a foreign order is not a condition.

The current agreement is the widest possible definition. After her, there are over ten million veterans in Germany. Federal Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen said to Bild am Sonntag: "All veterans are uniting, whether they have served in foreign missions, in the Cold War or in a base operation, that they have campaigned in the uniform of the Bundeswehr for peace and freedom our country Give them a whole life of respect and recognition. "

"Today is everything"

André Wüstner, president of the Bundeswehr Association, was delighted with the "Bild am Sonntag" on the definition: "It does not exclude anyone, today is the whole commitment." Oswin Veith, president of the Reservists Association, said: "Missions leave their mark, and many returnees feel the need to give names to these works."

What the veterans review should look like is not clear. The Ministry of Defense wants to develop proposals. The head of the German Union of the Armed Forces Wüstner emphasized: "The degree to which a veteran's badge really needs to become clearer". Better care is more important, such as family therapy for inactive and more-valued people. "A good sign will be that Germany will soon be hosts of Invictus games, Paralympic Games for Veterans."

Ex-Minister of Defense Thomas de Maizière (CDU) started a discussion in 2012 on the concept of veterans, the Ministry even ordered 10,000 veteran badges. From then on, however, they were kept in the basement of the Bundeswehr, because the soldiers' organizations had so far argued about the veteran's definition.

The opposition speaks of "wandering" and "self-deficit"

Tobias Lindner, a spokesperson for the Greens, said "Frakfurter Allgemeine Zeitung": "Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen betrayed the difficult question of what a veteran is." As a result, the veteran in the Bundeswehr is only a reservist. "This is the largest possible definition: whether the decision would solve the problems that soldiers would have to resolve partially as long-term consequences of foreign missions was" more than questionable. "Lindner called on the Department of Defense to present to the Defense Committee" after the parliamentarians they could hear this news from the newspaper. "

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense and the largest intercession in the military agreed after years of dispute to determine who is considered a veteran in Germany. By definition, the term covers all soldiers who have ever served in the Bundeswehr. Active workers were included, as well as reservists who serve only temporarily in the armed forces, as well as former soldiers who eventually left the German armed forces.

Defense politician Alexander Neu (on the left) talked to the "FAZ" in the decision about the "attempt to change," which suggests his own deficit of soldiers and politicians. At the same time, Neu complained that NVA members were not included. "It would make sense in the sense of true unity and those Eastern Germans who served their country."

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