Tuesday , February 25 2020
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No Meat: Burger King brings Vegi Burger to Germany – business

You have to go with the times. Burger King wants to offer a test-drive in the United States now, also in Europe, a vegetarian burger.

According to proveg.de, there are only eight million vegetarians in Germany, 1.3 million vegans in Germany alone. The numbers are increasing every day. About one billion people around the world rely on meat and dairy products. In recent years, food sales of herbal alternatives have increased. Record a new high every year.

The fast food chain also wants to benefit from this. In the spring of this year, the company announced the "Impossible Burger" in the United States. Celebrate huge successes. In the third quarter, thanks to the meat-free variant, they were able to report a five percent increase in sales. It is the largest increase since 2015.

With more classic meatless burgers now available in America, Burger King now wants to offer "Rebel Bug" in more than 2,500 stores in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Without meat, the Unilever brand, the Vegetarian Butcher, which has not yet signed a major restaurant chain, will produce the hamburger patents, it said.

With the new product, the hamburger chain wants to compete against its competitors such as McDonald's and CF.

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