Thursday , September 24 2020

News Today: Justice Victim Molat and Bavaria Free State Agree


The most important news in summary:

  • VW manager accused of infidelity (13:46 clock)
  • Agreement between the victim of justice Molat and the free state of Bavaria (13:11)
  • Protestant Church Discovers 770 Victims of Sexual Abuse (13.01 Clock)
  • Three suspected IS supporters arrested (11:15 am)
  • Former Bolivian President Morales Exiled to Mexico (2:49 pm)

News about today at Starticker:

+++ 14:51: Witness from the United States adopts former Stutoff concentration camp guard +++

In a Hamburg trial of a former guard at the Stutoff concentration camp, a US witness hugged the 93-year-old defendant on Tuesday. Following his testimony as a witness and co-prosecutor, 76-year-old Moshe Peter Lot approached the defendant in a wheelchair. Turning to the audience, he said, "See you all, I'll forgive him." Then the two hugged each other. After the trial, Lot said the two were crying.

The defendant is charged with murder in 5230 cases. Between August 9, 1944 and April 26, 1945, he is said to support the "insidious and cruel killing of particularly Jewish prisoners" as a guardian of the SS. It was part of his duty to prevent flight, revolt and release of prisoners, according to the indictment.

+++ 14.41 Clock: School bus driver makes "educational" brakes +++

Apparently, in order to put restless students on the bus, a 47-year-old school bus driver on the Stralsund highway in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern brakes. As a result, many children were thrown to the ground in the morning and slightly injured twelve of them between the ages of ten and 13, police said. The trigger was that a 14-year-old bus towed a trailer holder while driving.

Instead of taking care of the students, the driver drove them to their school in Fransburg and continued his tour. The teachers took care of the children. Three injured students were to be picked up early by their parents. The Criminal Investigation Department has been investigating. Among other things, it is suspected of dangerous bodily harm and failure to provide assistance.

+++ 14:21: Austria wants to block some highways bordering tolls +++

Austria wants to shut down several highways near the toll border. According to the APA news agency, the Austrian Parliament's budget committee has decided with the votes of the conservative HVP, the Greens and the liberal "Neos" to come out with vigilant duty for five highways in Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg and Salzburg. The national council is due to decide on the appropriate amendment Wednesday. The new regulation aims to put an end to avoiding traffic on predominantly German drivers on other roads.

The amendment also allows for additional toll exemptions if "unnecessary security damage" to non-tolls is avoided and "unreasonable movement in traffic or air pollution" quoted by the APA in the draft. Therefore, these exemptions may be issued by decree, no further amendment is necessary.

+++ 13:46: VW manager accused of infidelity +++

In the case of alleged overpayment of working councils, prosecutor Braunschweig has indicted four senior Volkswagen senior and current managers. Two previous board members, as well as a former and current manager, have been charged with infidelity, the authority said.

+++ 13:38: Violent refugees should not be deprived of their full help +++

Violent refugees should not be deprived of any support for board and accommodation. Even temporarily, this violates the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in Luxembourg. Sentences to prison are expressly allowed. (Az: C-233/18)

The specific case concerns a juvenile refugee from Afghanistan. He was admitted to a so-called accommodation center in Belgium. There he participated in a struggle between residents of different backgrounds. The facility manager then extinguished it for 15 days and provided no other material assistance. He only received a list of homeless shelters, but spent 15 days in a park in Brussels or with friends. At the same time, he complained about being excluded from the refugee shelter. The competent court asked the ECJ whether such a strict sanction is compatible with EU law.

+++ 13.11 pm: Friendly agreement between victims of the Molat law and Free State of Bavaria +++

Justice Victim Gust Molat and the Free State of Bavaria have settled a dispute over compensation for unauthorized placement in psychiatry. The free state pays "without legal recognition" another amount of 600,000 euros, as I informed the Munich District Court. Thus, all claims were settled and the litigation ended.

Molat is probably the most famous victim of justice in Germany. He was admitted to the psychiatric ward in 2006 following a complaint of alleged violence against his wife – wrongly, as he was discovered years later in a retrial. He spent 2747 days – more than seven years – in psychiatry.

In court, Molat then sued the Free State in a public liability procedure and demanded 1.8m euros. The total includes, for example, 800,000 euros in compensation, 288,000 euros in loss of earnings and 90,000 euros in legal fees. However, in terms of the Free State, it is legally entitled to EUR 25 per day in compensation, which would be EUR 68,675.

+++ 13:01: Protestant Church Discovers 770 Victims of Sexual Abuse +++

One year after the start of the structural review of sexual abuse, the German Evangelical Church (EKD) now identifies about 770 victims. Many of them were children-to-children in diocesan institutions, but there were also abuses in church communities, Bishop Kirsten Schehrs, the bishop in charge of the preparation, said at a meeting of the EKD in Dresden. To increase victims' participation in the work, the church will set up an Advisory Council. A budget of 1.3m euros already earmarked for prevention and recovery for 2020 will increase the EKD by one million euros, Fehrs reported.

Victims did not go far enough from the church steps, said Kerstin Klaus as a spokesman for the victims. The Protestant Church has long hesitated before tackling the abusive issue of abuse in 2018. Now the church must focus on the needs of those concerned, a transparent compensation scheme is needed. Contrary to what the Catholic Church has been doing for years, the Protestant Church does not want to pay a lump sum to the victims, Jersey said earlier. As Klaus said, it is not a church to be liberated. What is needed is a lifelong effort to bring justice to the victims.

+++ 12.41 clock: Dobrint: SPD should finally drop "Jammerlappenimage" +++

CSU-Landesgruppenchef Alexander Dobrint has called on the SPD coalition partner, following an agreement on a basic pension in the coalition committee, to finally postpone "Jamemerlaspenzima". The Social Democrats should now confidently go to their party conference in early December, Dobrindt said in Berlin. He hopes that the SPD is maturing the realization that it can form more in a coalition than in the opposition. The big coalition worked much better than its reputation.

He was extremely pleased with the coalition leadership's decision on Sunday's basic pension, the CSU politician said. This was a "successful piece" and an improvement over previous proposals, no matter which angle they came from. It was good that the compromise was discussed again last week in the Union faction. Arguments may emerge here in Sunday's discussions. This will allow some colleagues to agree on the outcome, he said. He now expects a positive debate on the outcome in the Union faction.

+++ 12:24: Strict distance rule for wind turbines planned +++

The proposed regulation of the 1000-meter distance between wind turbines and residential properties should already apply, according to the bill, if more than five residential buildings are combined. This stems from a draft bill by Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmayer (CDU), which is now being voted on between the ministries and the German press agency. For the controversial remote control, which should reduce the resistance of locals, but it is the Ministry of Construction of Horst Sehofer (CSU). The distance should also apply to houses that are not yet standing but can still be built. The law is to be passed by the Federal Cabinet on Monday (November 18th).

Video: Merkel praises decision on basic pension

+++ 12:21: Merkel announces Summit on Skilled Workplace Immigration +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced a December immigration summit of skilled workers. The federal government wants to talk with employers and unions about how the soon-to-be-qualified new labor immigration law can act, as Merkel said on Berlin's Employers' Day. The law is a "good thing", but it must now work well. The Employment Immigration Act is due to enter into force on March 1, 2020. So far, sometimes there is a long wait for a visa. In June the Bundestag passed the law.

Video: Arrests on suspicion of terrorism in Offenbach

+15+ 11.15 pm: Three suspected IS supporters in Hesse arrested for planning attack +++

In Hesse, three alleged supporters of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia have been arrested for planning an attack. The access and search were in Offenbach on Tuesday, according to a Frankfurt-Maine prosecutor. Men between the ages of 21 and 24 are said to have made preparations for an act involving explosives or firearms.

According to prosecutors, a 24-year-old German of Macedonian origin is considered a top suspect. He worried about "essential components for explosives" and searched the Internet for firearms, authorities said. Also charged are two men of Turkish nationality, aged 21 and 22. All three are due to be presented to a judge Tuesday to decide on custody.

+++ 10.37 clock: German Thomas Cook says he is traveling for next year from +++

Insolvent German tour operator Thomas Cook has already canceled reservations for next year. "The departure of the German organizers Thomas Cook with the departure date is January 1, 2020, even if they were partially or fully paid, for insolvency reasons, not to begin," the company said on Tuesday in Oberssel near Frankfurt.

+10+ 10:10 pm ECJ: Israeli groceries must be marked as such +++

Goods originating in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel must be marked as such. This was resolved by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg in the West Bank wine dispute. Thus, "food from areas occupied by the State of Israel must indicate the origin and, if it comes from an Israeli settlement in that area, the origin."

+++ 9.51 Clock: Stuck in a 15-year-old stuck in a container of old clothes +++

Apparently stuck in the head in an old clothes bin, a teenager in southwest France died. A Witness discovered a 15-year-old man stuck in a container in Montgailar Monday, the fire department said. When the emergency services arrived at the fire department, the girl's heart was no longer affected. The 15-year-old could not be revived. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

+++ 9:49: AFD wants Environment Ministry Consultant Examination Committee +++

The AFD parliamentary group wants to apply for the establishment of an investigative committee to clarify the Ministry of the Environment's advisory services. The AFD does not assume that their claim is backed by another faction, said AFD MP Carsten Hilse in Berlin. His group still wanted to "set a signal" after their application.

The Bundesrechnungshof reported to the Budget Committee that the Ministry of the Environment and its authorities have awarded “support services” contracts worth at least 600m euros from 2014 to 2018. These include consultancy services which have also influenced the "basic tasks of ministers". There is a danger of addiction, the report said. The ministry has rejected the charges.

+++ 9:46: Afghan government wants high-level release of Taliban +++

The Afghan government wants to release three senior Taliban prisoners. This was stated by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul. Among the liberators was Annas Hakani, the younger brother of the leader of the Hakani network and the deputy chief of the Taliban, Siradshudin Hakani. The release clause says the Taliban released two professors kidnapped by them who worked at the American University in Kabul.

+++ 9.41 pm: Span presents retirement dismissal +++

Pensioners in Germany have to pay significantly less for health insurance contributions next year. Health Minister Jens Span (CDU) has submitted a legal wording, according to a ministry spokesman in Berlin. The intention is to implement the basic decision of the coalition committee on Sunday. At their occupational retirement, pensioners today pay the full rate of health insurance, currently 14.6 percent – and not just 7.3 percent employee share. So far there is only a release limit of 155.75 euros. Whoever receives a higher occupational pension had to pay the entire contribution for the whole pension company.

As of 1 January 2020, according to Span's draft, an additional 159 euros will now apply. It is only from this level that contributions to occupational retirement in general become obligatory, as has been called for in government circles. Since 60 per cent of pensioners receive a salary of less than 318 euros, they will have to pay up to half of the contribution rate in the future. The remaining 40 percent should be substantially exempt from the free allowance. Legal health insurance has thus escaped 1.2 billion euros annually.

+++ 9:06 pm: Report: E-scooter sharing market grows worldwide +++

According to the report, the number of scooters in the world has increased by 164 percent to 66,000 units this year. In Germany alone, the number of electric scooters has increased by 47 percent to almost 4,200 vehicles, Berlin-based start-up Unu reported.

Europe, therefore, is following the trend. Eighty-two percent of the cities where electric borrowers are available are in Europe – led by Madrid, Paris and Barcelona. In Germany, the market is expanding. There are now bids in this country in 17 cities, said study director Enrico Chau. Thus, Germany remains one of the most important individual markets.

show me an e-scooter today

+++ 9:01: Former Trump spokesman John Spicer withdraws from US dance show +++

Former US President Donald Trump's spokesman John Spicer has been dropped from the famous dance show "Dancing with the Stars". "Thanks to everyone who supported me, I wanted to be on this show," the 48-year-old said in a live broadcast. Trump has appeared in recent weeks via Twitter to vote for Spicer. After leaving, he wrote, "Great rehearsal by John Spicer, we are all proud of you." In July 2017, the White House press secretary resigned when Trump proposed a new communications director.

+++ 8:57 pm: Report: Wage gap between German and foreign employees increases significantly +++

The gap between German and foreign workers in average earnings has more than quadrupled in eight years, the report said. In 2010, domestic workers earned an average of 2388 euros a year, 198 euros more than foreign workers, Nooy Osnabrucker Zeitung reported, citing a response from the Federal Labor Ministry at the request of the AFD group. In 2018, the difference rose to more than 870 euros. Accordingly, German full-time employees earned 3400 euros last year and full-time employees without a German passport 2530 euros.

7:14 pm: Israeli Army: "Significant" rocket fire from Gaza +++

In Israel, there was a "significant" rocket fire from Gaza after the army in the morning. The army is preparing for several days of clashes, said army spokesman Athonathan Kornikus. Earlier, a leader of the Palestinian militant Islamic Jihad was killed while deploying to the Gaza Strip, according to the army.

5:20 pm: Israel raises the house of Islamic Jihad leaders +++

Израелската армија наводно нападнала куќа во која водачот на исламскиот џихад бил во Појасот Газа. Според извештаите на израелските медиуми, Баха Абу Ал Ата е убиен од милитантната палестинска организација. Министерството за здравство во Газа пријави двајца мртви и двајца повредени во текот на ноќта. Маж и жена беа убиени.

Абу ал Ата беше одговорен, меѓу другото, за интензивниот пожар на почетокот на мај, ракетата пожар на 1 ноември, кога беше удрена куќа во израелскиот град Сдерот, а ракетен оган на музички фестивал во Сдерот кон крајот на август, соопшти армијата.

+++ 3,33 часот: Поранешниот претседател на САД Картер во болницата +++

Поранешниот американски претседател Jimими Картер беше хоспитализиран во понеделникот вечерта (по локално време) на лекување. 95-годишникот се разви по неколку удари со крварење во черепот, кое притиска на мозокот, соопшти фондацијата на Картер во Атланта. Операцијата во универзитетската болница Емори во Атланта е закажана за тој ден. Картер е најстариот жив поранешен претседател на САД. Тој ја водеше земјата од 1977 до 1981 година како 39-ти претседател.

+++ 3.08 часот: Осомничени лица уапсени по смртоносна рација врз семејства во Мормон +++

Неколку осомничени се уапсени по фаталниот напад врз две семејства Мормони во Мексико. Ова го изјави министерот за безбедност Алфонсо Дуразо пред новинарите. „Осомничените беа фатени, но не можеме да дадеме детали“, рече тој. Истрагата продолжи со полна брзина. Во нападот пред една недела загинаа три жени и шест деца. Шест други деца се повредени, меѓу кои и тримесечно бебе. Властите се сомневаат дека семејствата биле погрешно убиени во конфликтот меѓу две банди на дрога. Двете семејства на жртвите се убедени дека нивните роднини биле убиени намерно.

+++ 3.05 часовник: Стотици училишта во Австралија се затворени поради огнот +++

Соочени со катастрофални пожари од пожари во Австралија, затворени се повеќе од 600 училишта во Сиднеј и делови од државата Нов Јужен Велс. Ова беше решено од страна на образовниот орган да ги поддржи подготовките на противпожарните бригади за унапредување на пожарите. Гладис Берејклиан, шеф на владата на најнаселената држава, го обнови своето предупредување пред луѓето да избегаат од пламенот. Веќе претходниот ден беше прогласена вонредна состојба во Нов Јужен Велс.

Десетици огромни пожари во источна Австралија убиле најмалку три лица од минатата недела. Околу 100 други се повредени, меѓу кои и 20 пожарникари. Повеќе од 150 куќи и станови беа оштетени од пламенот. Досега, според надлежните, зафатена е површина од скоро еден милион хектари земја, односно 10.000 квадратни километри, што е околу половина од Хесе.

Видео: Буш пожар во Австралија: Највисоко ниво на предупредување за Сиднеј

+++ 2,49 часовник: Екс-претседател на Боливија Моралес на пат за егзил во Мексико +++

По неговата оставка, боливискиот екс-претседател Ево Моралес тврди дека заминал во егзил во Мексико. „Сестри и браќа, заминувам за Мексико“, напиша тој на Твитер. „Ме боли да ја напуштам земјата од политички причини, но секогаш ќе се грижам за тоа, наскоро ќе се вратам со поголема сила и енергија“. Претходно, Мексико прогласи за доделување азил на Моралес за хуманитарни основи.

+++ 2,34 часот: САД го осудуваат насилството во Хонг Конг и повикуваат на дијалог +++

Во лицето на ескалацијата на насилството во протестите во Хонг Конг, Вашингтон ги повика владата, демонстрантите и другите граѓани да се вклучат во дијалог. „Соединетите држави со голема загриженост ја следат ситуацијата во Хонг Конг“, рече портпаролката на американскиот Стејт департмент, Морган Ортагус. „Ние го осудуваме насилството од сите страни, изразуваме сочувство до жртвите на насилство, без оглед на нивните политички склоности, и ги повикуваме сите партии – полицијата и демонстрантите – да се воздржат“.

По смртта на еден студент, петмесечните протести во кинескиот специјален административен регион ескалираа. Протестите се насочени против владата: Хонг-конгерс го критикуваат, меѓу другото, и растечкото влијание на Кина врз некогашната крунска колонија. Од неговото враќање во Кина во 1997 година, Хонг Конг се управува автономно според принципот „една земја, два система“.

+++ 1,53 часовник: Три актери во Ријад избодеа со нож на отворена сцена +++

Три актери се прободени на отворената сцена во Ријад, Саудиска Арабија. Двајцата мажи и една жена се повредени, јави државната телевизија. Нејзината состојба е стабилна. Тоа беше првиот ваков напад откако строго конзервативната Саудиска Арабија ги опушти долгогодишните ограничувања на рекреативните активности.

Гледано на телевизиските снимки беше да се види како еден човек бури на сцената и го напаѓа изведувачот со нож. За националноста на жртвите ја натераа државната телевизија никаква информација. На снимките, се чинеше дека станува збор за појава на странска театарска група. Сторителот бил уапсен, првично немало информации за неговите мотиви.

+++ 1.38 часот: Вооружените сили во Боливија сакаат да го заштитат јавниот ред +++

Во знак на ескалирање на насилството по оставката на боливискиот претседател Ево Моралес, вооружените сили сакаат да ги срушат ограбувачите. „Војниците ќе спроведат операции со полицијата за да спречат крвопролевање и тага“, рече командантот на вооружените сили Вилијамс Калиман. „Ние ќе користиме соодветна сила против вандалите кои шират терор кај населението“. Претходно, војската веќе објави дека ќе ги заштити важните објекти во јужноамериканската земја.

+++ 1.14 часот: Советник за бегалци: Илјадници трауматизирани бегалци без место за терапија +++

Во Германија, илјадници трауматизирани баратели на азил, според Националното здружение на психосоцијални центри за бегалци и жртви на тортура (BAfF) нема место за терапија. Од 2013 година, центрите за советување мораше да одвраќаат неколку илјади луѓе секоја година, се вели во извештајот на BAfF, од каде цитираат весниците на групата „Фанке Медиа Груп“. Така, само во 2017 година биле одбиени „најмалку 7212 бегалци“, кои побарале помош во психосоцијалните центри на БАФФ.

+++ 0,05 часовник: Седум апсења на карневалот во Келн – напад со кабелски врски +++

At the beginning of the carnival season in Cologne, there were several dangerous attacker attacks. One stranger has a cable tie around the neck of the carnival back and taut. Лекар во медицинскиот шатор ја ослободил 22-годишната од пластичната лента, како што соопшти полицијата. In the afternoon investigation, a paramedic explained to the detective that there was a similar case in the early morning.

Двајца млади мажи се осомничени дека фрлиле оставен градежен материјал од еден облакодер во Келн и со тоа го повредиле случаен минувач. One of the "lumps" hit an 18-year-old carnival that was slightly injured. Officers arrested two 17- and 19-year-old men in the house.

By late night, 82 referrals had been issued and seven people had been arrested, according to a Cologne police carnival record. Among other things, there were 29 violations of personal injury. A passer-by is caught in the carnival chaos in the southern city of Cologne by light rail and is seriously injured.

Забелешка на уредникот: Во првата верзија на оваа порака користевме погрешен наслов. Ова е коригирано. Се извинуваме.

+++ 0 часовник: Моралес доби азил во Мексико – одобрена апликација од екс-шефот на државата на Боливија +++

Мексико ја одобри барањето за азил на оставканиот боливиски лидер Ево Моралес. Министерот за внатрешни работи Олга Санчез Кордоро одлучи да му додели политички азил на Моралес, изјави министерот за надворешни работи на Мексико, Марсело Ебрард. „Неговиот живот и неговиот физички интегритет се загрозени“, ја објаснил одлуката.

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