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NASA: Space Sensation? Turmoil expert: "I'm convinced …" – Human interest

NASA: Space Sensation Discovered? Trouble expert: "I'm convinced …"

NASA has been trying to prove since the 1970s that life on Mars is possible.

NASA has been trying to prove since the 1970s that life on Mars is possible.

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Is there life on Mars? It's a question that has not only haunted scientists for decades.

In the 1970s, the space organization was NASA with two "Viking" probes on Mars to find life there. In July and September 1976, two probes landed on the red planet and then sent pictures to the ground.

NASA: Expert is convinced of life on Mars

Using biological experiments, scientists wanted to search for life on Mars. However, the results did not provide definitive information on whether organic life exists on Mars.

At that time it was Gilbert Levin NASAIncluded The researcher is now speaking in a guest article in Scientific American. His words are surprising: "I am convinced that we have found evidence of life on Mars."

Levin was involved in the so-called "Labeled Liberation" experiment of the Viking mission. In this case, a sample of Marsboden was mixed with water and a radioactive labeled nutrient solution.

Behind this was the idea that if we live in living organisms on a sample of poultry soil, the nutrient solution is converted into them – and this is how the resulting gases can be discovered. Indeed, an increase in radioactive labeled gas can be detected.

"Sounds like we answered the final question"

"The Martian curves were similar to those produced by the Earth's LR test, we seemed to answer that final question." However, many scientists did not see the proven evidence. So it could also be a chemical reaction with one or more components of the Martian soil – the result so wrong.


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Levin and other researchers are convinced that the Vikings found evidence of life on Mars. The scientist criticizes the fact that Nasa no longer carries any instruments for exploring Mars' life. "Instead, Nasa sent a series of missions to Mars to find out if Mars was ever life-giving," criticized Levin in Scientific American.

There are two more missions on the red planet right now – "Curiosity" and "InSite".

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Like Levin, NASA's chief scientist, Jimmy Green, is convinced that life on Mars will not be long before life can be proven. "It's going to be revolutionary, it's going to start a whole new way of thinking," Green told The Telegraph. "I think we're not ready for the results," Green said.


This is Us:

  • NASA was founded in 1958.
  • It is the US Federal Agency for Astronautics and Aviation Science
  • The headquarters are located in Washington, DC.
  • NASA provides research funding.
  • Nasa stands for: National Aviation and Space Administration (German: National Air and Space Agency)



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