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Munich Airport Opens Winter Market: Missing Service – "Far Back"

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Airport Christmas: It's already a celebration at the Munich airport in mid-November. But there are also critics.

  • As the first Christmas market in Greater Munich, it opened its airport market on Friday.
  • The expectation is great – but there are also critics.
  • I miss the airport service again.

Munich Airport – "Yes, is it Christmas already ?!" – no, not yet. And, winter is not yet, but still has the traditional Christmas and winter market on the forum of Munich Airport already open on friday. There is a large skating rink, 40 exhibitors and restaurants, night lights around the airport and Christmas live music. Keep a colorful and atmospheric setting for Christmas and match the dawn of dawn. The airport itself is even talking about a "magical landscape".

Munich Airport is opened by Wintermart – a critic already reports

But a little bit of magic finds a Facebook commenter that the service is not yet offered. "Is it finally possible to pay by card at all the stands," he asks on the Munich Airport Facebook page. Answer – for him – a sobering answer: "This will not be possible this year." That, in turn, feels the Facebook killer at the airport is "hurting" and even "very backwards". Another commentator on Facebook agrees: "Even at Tolwood, for example, Pay with Bluecode."

Christmas and Winter Market at Munich Airport – Facebook Discussion

Other airport visitors may not understand these remarks. “I often see people from abroad who always have a few euros with them. For others, the gearboxes at both terminals would be * but an alternative, "commented a Facebook user. Too inconvenient, the critic responds that it will affect winter market sales – and so does his forecast. Another commentator loses patience: "Then take off your money, my goodness!"

Other commentators didn't pay attention in advance – prediction matters! "After landing one mulled wine"For example, says another comment on Facebook.

An express train to Munich Airport will not be there for the time being *, The airport is now burying appropriate plans. Politicians are dropping their anger.

Here you will find the most beautiful Christmas markets in Munich in the overview (Mercury *): Addresses, working hours and special features.

Munich Airport has been the only five-star airport in Europe for four years. Travelers have their own opinions and make the most curious reviews on Google.

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