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Memorial Day: "Versissmus bug mourns SPD bug

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The "Verschissmuss" error on the mourning loop froze the SPD

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The funeral resulted in an embarrassing fax pass The funeral resulted in an embarrassing fax pass

At the funeral, there was an embarrassing faux-pas, Johann Hartmann, leader of the Citizens' Initiative, posted on Facebook

Source: Johann Hartmann

At the SPD Malheim Day Memorial wreath, painful spelling errors appeared in: "Fascism" was "Verschismus". The local faction suspects sabotage.

DThe SPD Council faction in Malheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) feels ashamed of the shameful spelling mistake of the ribbon it ordered. On Saturday, during a wreath-laying ceremony for Dampen County Memorial Day, it was noted that the inscription on the group's funeral loop reads: "Victims of War and Escaping" instead of "Victims of War and Fascism", such as a spokesman confirmed on Sunday.

The SPD now goes with a lawyer with suspicion, whether it is a targeted act of sabotage, said Rodion Bakum, a member of the SPD Group Bureau, the German press agency. The topic also boiled over on social media on Sunday. The SPD faction apologized on its Facebook page for the incident "for whatever reason".

Bakum assumed that this could not be a simple mistake. He pretty much doubts that he should harm the SPD's reputation. The text about the funeral procession of the SPD Council faction is the same every year and is transcribed in the correct spelling from the office faction to the responsible kindergarten. However, this year, for the first time, they ordered a new loop printing plant in Essen.

It will now be examined whether the error was there and whether it was deliberately made possible. At the printing house, one admit to have confused the original letters C and B, because the fax for the order is dirty. "But that doesn't explain how the whole word can be changed so much," Bakum continued – especially as SS was to be found in the word. "The belief in the pure naivety of a professional printing house is not enough."

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