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Megan Markle: Shock! Now it turns out that Prince Harry … – Celebrity TV

Megan Markle: Shock – now it turns out that Prince Harry …

Megan Markle: Shock to the Duchess.

Megan Markle: Shock to the Duchess.

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This message must be shocking to the Duchess Megan Markle have been

Overview: It was May 19, 2018. Probably the most beautiful day in the life of Megan Markle and her royal husband, Prince Harry. At St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the couple gave the word. Thousands took to the streets of the wedding party, millions cheered on television.

Megan Markle: Shadow of the past

But now comes the dark shadow of the past, the wedding of Megan Markle and Harry can dive in a different light.

Megan Markle: Did the Duchess know of the phone call with her ex?

A royal family expert tells British Express that Prince Harry phoned his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy just days before the wedding. It should have been an emotional phone call, the expert said. The one in which Harry couldn't hold back his tears.

It was the couple's last phone call, the expert said. The phone call in which Harry finally told Chelsea that his life was over and that there would be no return.


This is Meghan Markle:

  • On August 4, 1981, Rachel Megan Markle was born in Los Angeles.
  • On 19.05.2018, Meghan Markle married British Prince Harry, since then she is the Duchess of Sussex
  • On May 6, 2019, the couple's first child, Archie Harrison Montbatten-Windsor, was born.
  • American-American Became Known Through Lawyer Series "Costumes"
  • There, Meghan Markle was played by lawyer Rachel Zane
  • In April 2017, she completed her work on the series
  • As an actress, she lived in Canada


Chelsea was very hurt by the phone call

"Chelsea hit that hard," the expert said. She continued: “She was crying and then she didn't go to the party. Eventually, she hung up and promised Harry he wouldn't try to ruin the party. "

+++ Royals: Now it's official! Prince Harry and Megan Markle will … +++

It is not clear, however, whether Meghan Markle knew about the conversation between Prince Harry and Chelsea.

Megan Markle: Private pictures have emerged

However, it is now known how the couple celebrates Thanksgiving. You can read all about the holiday here at Royal here >>>

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Brand new impression of Megan Markle

Megan Markle was a popular actress before her wedding to Prince Harry. Through the American series "Costumes", today's Duchess has become known to a wider audience. Pictures of the series have recently surfaced – showing quite another Meghan Markle from the Duchess in which she is now. >> Here you see the pictures.

Touch the moment with the old man

For a touching moment, the Duchess recently met a man who would probably forget the special moment not so fast. What exactly happened, you can find out here >>>

Megan Markle: Sweet secret?

What is currently focusing the Duchess's focus on the United States is the sweet suspicion that Meghan Markle is already pregnant for the second time. Why their fans are safe, read here >>>

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