Sunday , October 24 2021

Media: Police 110: For Janina


The police should actually be the guardian of the rule of law. This is not always the case – at least on television – demonstrates the team of "Polizeiruf 110" Rostock, who likes to lean far out the window.

The murderer circulates freely in Rostock. He raped and killed Janina 30 years ago. Even then, a man was suspected, but he was acquitted.

But now there is new evidence that can convince him of being guilty. But those who have been acquitted may be prosecuted only in exceptional cases, in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Often the very emotional "Police 110: For Janina", police commissioner Alexander Bukow (Charly Hübner) and LKA profiler Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau), as well as their investigative team, actually have to stand and look at a man in his small family's idyll at live with his wife and children and is unbeatable to them. Of course, they do not do this: "We have to establish justice here," explains König, on this Sunday (at 20.15), to start the thematic week of "Justice."

It creates exciting and unusual conditions for Rostock. Because not like most of the north-east is about neo-Nazis or their surroundings, not as usual, the Hanseatic city is painted in gloomy colors. No, the city is alive and colorful. Many crimes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, that Rostock is barely present in "Polizeiruf 110" – he was filmed mainly in Hamburg – and if it is gray-gray, it seems that Eoin Moore and Anika Wangard came to the authors.

So they managed to perform a really good thriller, in which the necessary drama and well-lit environment of the perpetrator appear. Who builds the tension and does not lose the red thread. Even if the endless love-hate story of "Mrs. King" and "Mr. Beech" is still rotated, which even beats in their case and is still strictly "through you."

The fact that commissioners "at the crime scene" or "Police commissioners 110" do not take the matter so seriously with the use of constitutional methods is in sharp contrast between the real work of the police and the need to provide exaggerated recipients of exciting materials week after week. Commissioners from Rostock TV have always been very far from breaking the law.

This time it is really difficult: try to lure a sample of DNA with tricks and lies, get evidence as a result of burglary or blackmail the suspect with internal information. Beatings and samples are faked – the police are working at the beginning of the "Justice Week".

The film goes to areas where the rule of law shakes. Even in the police department. "The rule of law is nonsense. The guy can now walk freely and this shitty law also protects him," says investigator Anton Pöschel (Andreas Guenther). "Congratulations, Germany!" Adds Pöschel and quickly passes the address of the suspect to the desperate mother of the murdered.

In the legal opinion of the commissioners it is not surprising that Bukov closes his ears hard when he finds out about a warehouse full of plagiarism – after all, his father is in it. Agreement with criminals is also part of the scheme of television commissioners who do not have to worry about any rights. "It's so pathetic," says King.

She was almost raped in an earlier episode and defended and avenged. She was convicted of a dangerous blow to the office of almost 10,000 euros. Bukov must pay at the same time because of trying to thwart 8,400 euros.

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