Saturday , September 26 2020

Leon Goretska: Robust on the field, even stronger on the course


There has been a lot of talk in the national team about robustness these days, it's the new DHB-Elf fashion theme. The team should not hide, it should take the fight, push forward, show presence, and before the press Leon Gorecka had the best example ever. When a reporter actually asked Captain Manuel Neuer, Goretska, who sits next to Neuer, he commented: "Because I haven't said so much today, I'll answer the question."

So confident, the coach wants Bayern's midfielder, and you can quietly add, a little more confident than last. The 24-year-old has already completed 23 international matches, some of which were very strong, but they have already returned. At the 2017 Goretska Confederations Cup, then still in the service of FC Schalke 04, they triumphed, and international journalists, who first saw the midfielder for the first time, wrote their name in capital letters in their notebooks. Its dynamics, its entry, the ability to combine the power of dealing with technical elegance – it all promised the highest.

The change in Munich is actually a carte blanche

When he also made the shift to Bayern Munich, his international career was actually destined. After all, the transfer to Faber Strasse for many years is something of a blanche for the national team. But if you ask today about the actors who have become DCB pillars after moving to Munich, then the names Serge Gnabri, Nicklas Sale, Joshua Kimich fall. Think of Gorecka just a few. He still promises a lot.

This is not first and foremost the fault of the player. Goretska is tormented by injuries in his early career that continued in Munich. In addition, he must accept that both in the club and in the DHB, midfield inscriptions desired and partially taken over. Against Kimich, Ilkay Gundogan, Tony Kroos, Kai Shavrec you have to prevail once in the national team, including the likes of Joachim Lov.

So far set up for Flick

At the 2014 World Cup, he was a young player already for the preliminary World Cup, then many wondered, four years later Goretska only came up against South Korea for 60 minutes to use, not only did he forget about the World Cup. Now Goretska is taking the next attempt to establish contact with Leo. Whether he also belongs to the profits of the Munich coaching change, he still has to wait. At least he has been in both of his previous two games under Hans-Dieter Flick up to the starting eleven.

Opposed racism

"I want to take responsibility, that's what makes me different," Gorecka said in an interview with 11 Friends. Above all, he not only does this on the ground, Goretska is attentive to political topics, to social trends, he speaks on social media. In this respect, at least he is far ahead of many members of the national team.

Racism, sexism, homophobia – these are the topics on which he has repeatedly taken a stand. And of those he points out that they are not dictated by any marketing agency on the smartphone. His striking phrase "I'm a kid from the Ruhr area, answering the question of nationality with Schalke, Dortmund or Bochum," was voted runner-up in Football Word of the Year. The winner was coach Imke Wabenberger ("Am I the reaction of Goretska? He congratulated the right decision made:" It raised an important topic, a topic that may have earned even more attention in football.)

But when last year's World Cup, his teammate Mesut Ozil as a child of Ruhr was racially abused, but nothing was heard of Goretska either. He downplayed the implications of the issue at the time, he later said, "We were not consistent enough." He seems to have learned his lessons from this. "The goal must be: there is no racism," Gorecka said recently in a group of media outlets. "When I get so much attention as an athlete, I can use it differently than just showing what a great car I drive."

At a price it has to put up with hostility to the Internet, as Goretska recently revealed on Twitter. However, he wanted to give everyone the courage to raise their voice, said native Bohumer.

Likewise, he wished him well in neighboring qualifications against Belarus and Northern Ireland. But here he does not have to be set, Cross and Gandogan are also available, Kimich plays in the national coach anyway, as always. So it may be that Gorecka needs to be patient again. He learned to wait.

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