Sunday , June 20 2021

Large employment due to a fire in a hospital in Konstanz

Currently, Constance operates large-scale police, fire brigades and rescuers. There, the police are reporting a fire in the hospital. Information on possible injuries and fire coverage is currently unknown.

Messages according to which the patient died during a fire, Constance police on demand schwä I do not confirm. The Konstanz Hospital has a total of 380 beds.

Around 21.10, the police reported that the fire was under control. The fire broke out in the old hospital building, respectively. Patients are and have been evacuated.

The Federal Office for the Protection of Population and Conflict Aid issued a warning to the Konstanz district with the "Nina" warning. Therefore, ambulance and first care in the hospital are blocked. According to a Twitter account in Constance, a fire broke out in the patient's room.

We will update this text as soon as we have more information.

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