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Katja Krasavice with bad favoritism photography – detail raises questions

Katja Krasavice enjoys showing on her Instagram channel.

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Creator Katja Krasavice always manages to surprise her fans with malicious acts. With new photography, she's at the top once and for all.

Leipzig – If you have this picture of YouTuberin Katja Krasavice in front of you, you have to look a few times to understand exactly what is going on there. Recently, she posted a photo that looks – not infrequently – half naked. She wears a black pantyhose, high heels and a pink, shaggy coat.

But that's not true at all: instead of a "just" lush bust that is more or less in bed in a black bra, it's suddenly two! She has four breasts in total – two too many.

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Katja Krasavice posted a picture on Instagram – her bust is double visible

What at first glance still looks like Photoshop makes a second impression very real – it's not photo editing. Upon closer inspection, it is noticed that the second row of its decoration is professionally deceptive – perhaps made of plastic or silicone. As you know, there is enough material for this.

In the headline, Katya reveals the sinister, slightly spooky look: "Tag someone to have Monster come this evening," she writes. A look at the photo date shows: October 31st.

The whole thing was a Halloween costume, albeit a different kind, and deceptively real – you have to leave it at that. With this idea, the creator makes little of the Heidi Klum's Halloween icon competition, which has turned into a foreign one within ten hours this year.

Only recently did Katja Krasavice stumble on a public road. During a spicy photo shoot in the woods, she was suddenly surprised by strollers.

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