Sunday , June 20 2021

Justice reveals new details of video surveillance

The drama about Daniel Küblböck still remains a mystery ten weeks later. What really happened on the night of 9 September? The prosecutor now sheds light on the dark.

A series of photos with 11 photos

Daniel Küblböck has been missing for two months. He was looking for him in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland for 30 hours. In vain. Music and actor were not found. At the time, Hansjörg Kunze, a spokesman for Aida Cruises, said the DSDS star is expected to jump. This should also register the AIDA camera.

"Other people are not visible"

As reported by "", the prosecutor's office in Passau now has video. Senior prosecutor Walter Feiler should not see it, but details are known to him. "It's a video of surveillance showing someone jumping in. Other people are not visible," he told the newspaper.

The film does not show if Daniel Küblböck is jumping. "The quality of this video is not very good, it is black and white and relatively unclear, but you see, when someone jumps into the water, it also suits the time." According to "Bild", the 33-year-old jumped out of the boat around five in the morning. As the main prosecutor said, the jump should be "fast" and "intentional".

The prosecutor's office is responsible for clarifying whether there is foreign influence. "We are still waiting for the official report of the Canadian authorities," says Walter Feiler.

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