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Joshua Kimmich: Kai Havertz to Bayern Munich? That's what the sports director Bayer, Boldt says

Who will FC Bayern bring in the upcoming summer? If it was Joshua Kimmich, he would certainly join the falling stars from Leverkusen to the new arrivals.

Update from November 17: Sporting director Jonas Boldt assumes that Supertalent Kai Havertz, Bundesliga player Bayer Leverkusen, remains for a long time. "There is no reason to be restless, its future lies in Leverkusen," said Boldt Sport1.

Sporting director Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Jonas Boldt.

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The 19-year-old Havertz still has a contract with Bayer until 2022. However, apparently the helper is interested in several leading European clubs. The national player, Joshua Kimmich, called Havertza after his strong performance in the international match against Russia (3: 0) as "one for Bayern".

Boldt remains calm. "Club, players and the environment agreed that Leverkusen was the right club, so logically there were no requests," said Boldt.

First report from November 16: Kimmich lures Havertza to Bayern: "I can not buy it, but …"

Leipzig – German national team was barely recognizable. At least not in the first half. The opponents of Russia did not know where the Thursday evening is, where the front and the back are. With 3: 0 the DFB team won in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig against the hosts of the last World Championships. Sure, victory in such a friendly duel should never be suspended too high, especially since as opponents Russia had to give up the best performers.

Nevertheless, this game showed what is possible in the next German generation. Leroy Sané, Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich have the potential to bring the World Champion 2014 back to the forefront. The evening especially stood out: Kai Havertz. Leverkusen prepared Gnabra's third goal, and besides, he provided a strong game.

Kimmich's representatives, who pulled the strings in the middle of the field together with the 19-year-old, were delighted. And so much so that at the same time he joined the conversation with Havertz FC Bayern.

Joshua Kimmich: "Kai Havertz is a player who would suit us well"

Kimmich was in the mixed zone just after the last whistle. And then came the question of this highly predisposed Havertz. Would not it be something for FCB? "I can not buy it, but Kai Havertz is a player who would suit us well," said Kimmich. What's more, Havertz "was the best man on the pitch", Bayern defender was delighted.

The better it is that Uli Hoeneß recently announced a major change of staff in the coming summer. Stars like Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben are to play their last season at Säbener Straße, and other professionals could leave Munich in the summer. The exact message for the Hoeneß team: in the summer it will be checked who is still good and who is not.

Kai Havertz.

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Is Havertz good at what? For sure. If you believe in many media reports from England and Spain, half of Europe is interested in the helper's ace. Nothing unusual? Even in Bayer 04 he plays very well, although his team is behind, especially in the league of his own claims. With 11 points in 16 games, Havertz has a significant role in the fact that it does not look even worse for the team of coach Heiko Herrlich. And everything from just 19 years!

Kai Havertz: Interest of Arsenal and Barca

Among others according to mirror FC Arsenal Kai Havertz on the list. Also FC Barcelona looks at Leverkusen with more than half his eye. After all, not only this season is known that a real jewel is growing there. And, of course, the jewels have their price.

The plaintiff's contract is valid until 2022. The exit clause does not exist. Funds: If you want to get Havertz from Leverkusen, you have to reach deep into the wallet. A three-digit million is said. Because the interest is big enough, Leverkusen can count on the competition of European heavyweights.

It is not known if FC Bayern will belong to her. If it was Kimmich, Havertz would still wear a Munich dress next season.


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