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iPhone 8 RED on Mediamarkt and Saturn for 579 euros


As part of Single Days there are discounts on electronics, iPhone 8 RED is particularly interesting for 579 euros.

11.11. is known in China as Sing Day and a popular shopping day. Also Media Markt and Saturn offers from 10/11/2018 from 20:00 clock to 12:11 9:00 clock numerous promotional offers. Of particular interest to Apple fans is one

iPhone 8 RED with 64 GB
The special iPhone, which is no longer available in the Apple Store, costs from 579 euros.

Buy an iPhone 8 RED on MediaMarkt

Buy an iPhone 8 RED on Saturn

The iPhone 8 may actually come from the previous year, since yesterday it certainly is not. The processor is the same with A11 Bionic, which Apple built in the iPhone X last year, so the performance is comparable. Differences occur in the basic design, iPhone 8 is the last iPhone in a traditional design with a home button and a slightly larger frame. Therefore, the TouchID sensor of the fingerprint sensor is installed, not Facial recognition.

Along with iPhone X and its supporters since 2018, the iPhone 8 has a wireless charging option. Apple uses the Qi standard, chargers can transfer up to 10 watts of power induction. For this purpose, the back of the iPhone 8 is made of glass, not aluminum, as in previous generations 5, 6 and 7.

Glass used Apple for the first time in the iPhone 4 and 4S as a back material. At that time it was not easy with the color, the white variant appeared due to production difficulties just ten months after black. However, on the iPhone & # 39; o. 8 From the very beginning, Apple offered black, silver and gold – even today 8 and 8 Plus models are available in these combinations from Apple.

But no longer a special model in red is not only nice but also useful. Because some of the profits come from the device, Apple donates to the Global Fund, which earns a living in Africa in the fight against malaria and AIDS. Thanks to the regularly introduced Red products, Apple is the largest single donor of the charity organization founded by the singer U2 Bono. Buy Red iPhone 8 and do it right, perfect for Singles Day

Tip: there is an additional discount of 22 euros for purchases via Masterpass, and the iPhone costs only 557 euros.

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