Thursday , October 1 2020

Installed Windows 10 November Update? What you need to do right after that


The November 2019 update is not one of the biggest Windows updates for the majority of users. For those who have an update installed in May, the Windows 10 November update is just a cumulative patch, as it receives monthly updates as part of security updates. However, if you upgrade from earlier versions of Windows 10, the November update is one of the classic feature updates that Windows 10 uses twice a year.

There may be problems with small and large updates, but they may not always be noticed right away. After installing the November update, you should use your computer. Start with the programs you like best, play games, edit photos and watch videos. Important: Is Windows still using your favorite standard programs, or Edge & Co. come to the fore again? But in addition to this practice check, you also need to make a structured function check.

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