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Influenza: What Quickly Helps With Flu Symptoms?

Cold, body aches and fever: From the blue light, the flu seems to hit. But with these tips you can quickly find a cure.

Autumn and winter are the time of the flu – when temperatures go below zero and soon the first glove over Germany is found, the flu is not far off. Unlike the common cold, it suddenly bursts with all its unpleasant symptoms, such as

  • cold
  • cough
  • headaches
  • body aches
  • hot waves
  • boredom
  • Loss of appetite or
  • Fever.

Anyone who has caught the flu infection already knows from previous episodes that this can be very persistent – and that sometimes it takes weeks to get rid of it againBut workers can't take a long break from work – either because a lot of work is waiting on their desks or because an important meeting is inevitable. So, what means will help to quickly get rid of the annoying flu?

Flu: Ambulance with flu

It is important to first understand how the influenza virus is transmitted at all. After all, the wet and cold winters are just "accomplices" – they weaken the immune system, but the real culprits are viruses that circulate in the air or adhere to objects.

Be it in public transport or in the office – Hot, stuck air ensures that the mucous membranes dry outAs a result, they can avoid pathogenic organs worse. When (work) stress and other mental stress occur, it is Immune deficiency more susceptible, Result: Viruses penetrate inside the body and multiply rapidly there.

Not getting sick is one of the reasons why you should wash your hands urgently.

Therefore, the first aid measure is: Put your feet up and drink tea – preferably on the sofa or in bedYou should also get one the right part of the dream allow. The reason: In the rest phase, cells in the body have enough time to regenerate – and thus the important immune cells that are urgently needed for defense.

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Medications, Vitamin C and Co: What You Need to Keep Your Fingertips From

However, strong antibiotics should be kept out of your hands – they only help against bacteria, but not viruses. Just as excessive intake of vitamin C or zinc is considered scientifically controversial. Studies have shown that taking supplements does not do very well if the cold or the flu has already broken out. However, it certainly does not hurt at this sensitive time to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drinking herbal teas and (chicken) soups. But what about the over-the-counter flu drugs available at the pharmacy?

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Of course, there are many different symptoms Medications such as cough syrup, nasal drops or preparations for experiments, Most of them are plant based and therefore do not need a prescription. Whether they work, it remains questionable. Although you can relieve symptoms for a short time – but also here scientific studies have shown that the active ingredients contained in them does not contribute significantly to recovery,

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Influenza: These home remedies help relieve mild discomfort

Who only with mild flu symptoms must fight, grandma's home remedies help quickly. These include:

  • Wadenwickel
  • steam face
  • nasal showers
  • Cold rag on neck or forehead
  • Hot cold bath
  • Garling on the throat with cold sage tea
  • Hang wet towels in the room at night

If all these tips do not help and the fever even grows steady, it is best to go straight to the doctor. He can prescribe special medicines that fight the flu viruses.

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