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Image Problem Team: Is the DCB team still attractive?


Two home matches this year are still for the German national team. The starting position in the European Championship qualifications is not very explosive, and the opponents are not at the highest level. For the games it means: not sold out, once again. This raises a big question.

The end of the year in 2019 is more beautiful for Oliver Bierhoff than twelve months ago. At the time in Leipzig, the German national football team had just dropped out of the League of Nations after the World Cup debacle (now revised with bizarre match reform), the director of the DHB said he was pleased. For the fact that it is finally over. The game was still in progress. Sports insignificant but atmospherically important match against the Netherlands – in the League of Nations. Exodus 2: 2. And that gave me courage. Courage for change.

The coach introduced the fall of 2018 and accelerated in the spring of 2019, when he prematurely advertised the three world champions Bavaria, Mats Hummels, Thomas Miller and omeerom Boateng with a lightning bolt decree from DHB-Elf. In Munich they were not thrilled, Joachim Hove impressed, but they did not. At least that's what he said. And he never backed down, as his central defense in the fall of 2019 increasingly struggled with failures and calls for Schumel's return became louder and louder. What does Berhoff say this year before the end of the year? "Certainly it was not a simple year, but it was still satisfactory."

Two matches are still great for the DHB team. Two home games. On Saturday in Munich v. Belarus (from 20.45 pm in Liveticker on Tuesday, followed by the end of the year in Frankfurt. The opponent then is Northern Ireland (also at 20.45 live tick)This is the last qualification for the European Championship next year. And the situation in Group X is hardly explosive: If the Netherlands loses on Saturday against Northern Ireland, Los's selection as the current runner-up against Belarus could make the European Championships clear. That's the goal, Bierhoff explained in Düsseldorf, where the team prepares first.

"We must do even more"

The enthusiasm of the Germans to watch live matches at the stadium, however, is still low. Because again the games are not sold out. So far only 30,000 tickets have been sold for the game in Munich (46,227 seats available at international games), 37,000 of the 48,000 seats for the Frankfurt match. "We are coming from a long period of excitement in which things were almost automatic and we must be aware that we need to do more to maintain the level," Bierhoff said of Russia's growing World Cup debacle. But it is a high-level complaint: "In the international trend, we are ahead with over 90 percent capacity utilization, which would be synonymous with the most satisfied Bundesliga clubs." The stadiums this year – with Wolfsburg and Mainz – were partial, but also small, quite conscious.

And: The numbers don't have to match the mood of the stadium. At this year's first international match in Wolfsburg against Serbia, it was just bizarre quiet, spoiled. It was only when Milan Pavkov's Lerone Sane was treated so rustically on the ankle that besides Red (for Pavkov), the spectrum of sports offenses (from Sane) briefly hung over the arena. A brief moment, as well as at the end of an 8-0 peat festival against Estonia in Mainz. Otherwise, the mood drew low, but persistently with Hamburg (2: 4 against the Netherlands), and even in Stimmestel Dortmund (2: 2 against Argentina).

National football players register this very well, but try captain Manuel Neuer personally to understand the explanations for the empty rows. "The start time is too late again, in November the weather in Germany is not optimal, and with all due respect: We are not playing against teams where you can expect everyone to come to the stadium."

Fear of popular sport

The goalkeeper, who does not yet know whether he stays in the stands in both matches or has another chance of probation for his research challenger Mark-Andre ter Stegen, also blames general football development for the negative trend in viewership. Due to many club level matches "the fan has been fired with yes games". A certain saturation is the result.

His Munich team-mate Leon Goretska even reveals: "It must be seen that football remains as it is: a popular sport." Frequently criticized by the often-missing team, Hanie faced the Russian debacle as he frequented schools and clubs or held public trainings. The latest Bierhoff has already admitted marketing mistakes. "We overcame it a little bit, maybe overtaking it."

"National player, it's you 365 days a year"

imago42198749h.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption>
<p class=Ilkay Gandogan and Emre Khan made headlines on social media.

(Photo: Imagine Pictures / Jan Huebner)

Question for the picture, it is the one that accompanies the team, but also on another level. On social responsibility. Sensitive to the also relentlessly moderated faux pas of social media by Ilkay Gundogan and Emre Khan for Instagram likes of Turkish Greetings in October Bierhoff made it clear once again: "Everyone knows if you do something with social media, you have an effect on social media, with us, and internationally, it's 365 days a year, it's a pretense and we've highlighted that. " Off the beaten track, Bierhoff intends to unveil the 2020 tournament a new code of conduct defined last year under Hunt's guidance, which was drafted 15 years ago by Jürgen Klinsmann. "Tolerance, responsibility, respect," he called Bierhoff the three pillars laid out by him for all DHB teams.

But for a new euphoria, which seemed almost inexhaustible after the triumph of the 2014 World Cup title, they can probably provide the players themselves. "We have to play as attractive as possible," Gorecka said. "We also benefit from a good mood, which can spill over." Bierhoff agrees: "The most important thing is that you are looking forward to the national team and we should try to play with power for 90 minutes." There are two more chances in 2019. The prizes for the games range from 15 euros for fan club members to 80 euros for category 1. Tickets are still plentiful.

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