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Historic: Brander (AFD) votes in Bundestag – Wiedel and Gauland full of anger

Again, AFD MP Brendan commented on Twitter for problems. Now the Bundestag legal committee has consequences. Brender needs to go.

  • AFD Deputy Stephen Brandner is no longer the chairman of the Legal Committee
  • All factions except AFD Branden voted
  • deselection The chairman of the committee is historic in the history of the Bundestag

Update from November 13, 1:15 pm: After removing the selection of AFDDeputy Stephen Brandner in the Legal Committee of The Bundestag the politician himself, as well as the party leaders Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel the press. The emotions boiled over Weidel and Gauland answered quite anxiously to the journalist's question.

This one had Gauland ask how clearly Anti-Semitism it must be, until it becomes curious. While Gulland was still fighting for the right answer, Weidel was already shooting: "What a stupid question." Gauland then angrily asks how the word "Judas salary", Brandner was anti-Semitic: "Judas and Jews have nothing to do with each other (…). How stupid it is, "the party spokesman said clearly. Weidel shoots behind it: "This testifies to education."

Background: Brandner caused a scandal, among other things, when he called the Federal Cross of Merit for singer Udo Lindenberg "the pay of Judas." However, Brandner's Twitter criticism was not directed against the use of the word "Judaslone", but against the context that the politician made. Anti-Semitism allegations against Brandner then came more through another of his tweets about the attack on Halle (see below).

but Gauland and Weidel They reacted very irritated at the press statement afterwards. This time the question was raised whether, or with whom, the AFD would now announce the Brands Committee and whether this party member was an "integer". Wiedel was angry, "Another stupid question again." Gauland was somewhat statesman and angrily said, "We only have personal integrity – don't ask such questions."

However, on their Twitter page, AFD did not share the heated discussion with the press, but only their statement without major interim issues from the same press release.

AFD Brendan's husband on Halle tweet criticized – retires

Brender was voted out for his controversial comments on the Internet service Twitter about the attack on Halle and musician Udo Lindenberg. In a tweet about the AFD's critical remarks, Lindenberg Brandner wrote: "Of course, why you snuggle against us has to / does."

For Chalet he shared a tweet that read after Chalet's far-right attack that politicians were "flaunting" in front of synagogues. This apparently alluded to public solidarity rallies prior to Jewish worship. Brandner departed from this tweet after much criticism later.

Brender himself has strongly criticized the actions of other parties. "This is another low point for parliamentarism in Germany, which is another low point for democracy in Germany," he said. He will continue his work in the Committee on Legal Affairs. The leader of the AFD caucus, Alexander Gauland, called the deselection "a mixture of stupidity and assumption".

AFD politician voted: Chairman of Legal Affairs Committee must go

Update from November 13th at 10:00 am: on Legal Committee of the Bundestag there is controversy AFD MP Stephen Brendner voted as president. It is a one – time process in 70-year history of parliamentThe committee drew consequences from several scandals triggered by politician AfD of Thuringia. Recently, he caused a stir when he got up Twitter the award of the Federal Cross for Merit to AFD-critical rock singer Udo Lindenberg with commentary "Judaslone".

Earlier, the 53-year-old lawyer already had it with his reaction to Halle's terrorist attack with two dead and several injured causing outrage. Lawmakers from all factions except the AFD have finally declared Brandner unbearable and called on him to resignation but he refused. Then they decided his emigrationafter the Bundestag Rules Commission had previously stated that it was permitted under very vague rules in force.

After the election: AfD Brender politician criticized other parties

Brender was now with Votes of all factions except AFD recall, as reported by the spokesman for the Union's political group, Jan-Marco Lucac. "Brender's dismissal is a clear signal against hatred and hatred – we are finally giving the office back its dignity," he said.

The German Bar Association (DAV) held it A dissertation for the inevitableHis chief executive, Philip Went, said ahead of a decision by a committee of the German Press Agency: "The law and this socially significant commission cannot be represented by a person who insults, slanders and incites dissatisfaction with certain sections of the population. "It is unlikely that Brandner will continue to lead the committee.

Brender himself has strongly criticized the actions of other parties. "This is another low point for parliamentarism in Germany, which is another low point for democracy in Germany," he said on the sidelines of a committee meeting.

First registration from November 13 at 9:00 am: on AFD brought a sharper tone to the Bundestag. This is what all other parties say and criticize. The legal committee should not be criticized. There should be MP of AfD MP to lean in as president. on one-time process,

It will be a historically unprecedented act: For the first time in the Bundestag's 70-year history one of its committees is likely to fire its president. The legal committee intends this Wednesday Dismiss President Stephen Brandner – because deputies of all other parties consider the AFD man unbearable.

on The leader of the SPD's deputy faction, Eva Jagl At the beginning of November, he put it this way: “Mr Brender has no human or political appetite for chair of the Legal Affairs Committee. He kept proving that. "Members of the CDU / CSU, the Greens, the FDP and the Left, will sign it immediately.

Stephen Brandner: Far from provoking

It was very confusing. Brender wants to provoke. Do it many AFD deputiesBut the 53-year-old from Thuringia wants to put a fool on it.

Example: When the Bundestag debated in May on the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law, the AFD MP even attacked sitting on the guest speaker of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The rule of law is increasingly "ignored, bent over and banished from other parties," Brender complained. And at almost all levels. "Let's start at the top, at head of state"This was too much for the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schaeuble. He urged Brender to be moderate.

Moderately, the other parties in its President's Committee on Legal Affairs after Terror attack on Halle wished with two dead and several injured. Brandner responded via Twitter to an interview with ZDF in which Jewish publicist Michel Friedman accused AFD "Hate to Jews and Hate to Human Being" would find a "political home" with her. Brandner then tweeted: "Every minute of this German Michelle introduces us to new driving fans – keep it going! # PaoloPinkel #Koksnase #Twingerfunk. "

Add to that a retweet, with which Brandner transmitted a message from another user. He wrote that Halle's victims were "a German who wanted to hear folk music" and "an organic German". "Why do politicians hang around with candles in mosques and synagogues?"

Steven Brandner is not the first AFD politician to insult. Thuringia AFD chief Bjorn Schucke agreed with the Bavarian Gringling song.

AFD's Brender politician has already caused more and more scandals

The committee then openly opposed its president. Later, though proclaimed in the Bundestag, he apologized when people through him retweet "Attacked or treated poorly." But that was not convincing from the point of view of other committee members.

Especially as Brandner soon after the next scandal activates. That he had previously been awarded the Federal Cross of Merit Royak singer Udo Lindenberg The AFD abruptly attacked her election success in Thuringia, forcing her to tweet again: "Surely, why do we have to come down against us / Auntie," Brandner wrote, referring to the award given in early October – combined with the word "Judas salary" .

Thus, the measure was complete for the other groups in the Legal Committee. You see Branding as a kind of multiple perpetrators with poor social prognosis because of the constant risk of relapse. However, how do we get rid of it? The Bundestag's Rules of Procedure remain unclear on these issues. Paragraph 58 reads only: "The committees shall appoint their presidents and their deputies under the arrangements of the Council of Elders." However, the Rules Committee decided last week that this also permits withdrawal. It should be done now.

And a merchant? He sees himself in sacrifice: The allegations that the term "Judah Wage" arouses anti-Semitic associations and its use undermines the dignity of the Bundestag were "pulled by the hair" and "absurd".


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