Tuesday , June 22 2021

Heino: The singer's fortune goes to …

Heino (79, "Blue Gentian Flowers") and his Hannelore (76) have already been married for almost 40 years. Living without each other, the two can not imagine. However, just before the 80th birthday of the singer, on December 13, they have to face reality. Subjects of age and death are no longer taboo.

The question about heritage has been clarified

Heinz Georg Kramm
as Heino's real name suggests, led two children to marriage – Uwe and Petra. His love for Hannelore remained childless. Petra took her life in 2003. It is unlikely that the son of Heino, Uwe, will see most of the singer's legacy. He gets "his mandatory portion," says 79-year-old singer in an interview for the magazine "Bunte". Why? "Only people who look after them and care for us when we grow up, they inherit it."

He and his wife agreed to this agreement. "He who does not care for us is not considered in his will." A trained confectioner was already pondering the time of death. "If so, I want to die before Hannelore," he says. Life without today's 76-year-old was unimaginable for him.

In the distance?

Despite the advanced age, Heino and Hannelore enjoy life. "We never get up before ten." A late breakfast is our ritual, "continues the pop star. He does not think about years on his back, despite everything he has a" nice life "and is at most 50, 60 years old.

Although he and his wife "would like to remain in this world for the next 25 years", a common burial place in the north-west town of Bad M√ľnstereifel, a steam spa, has already been bought. Heino's daughter, mother of Petra and Hannore, is buried there. "At some point, we too," says Heino, who begins his great farewell tour on March 1, 2019. Then retire.

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