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Half-brother dies: 15-year-old spends the night before being arrested in the open

Investigators are reconstructing the suspects' escape. The girl is in custody on suspicion of murder.

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As of 12.11.2019, 00:22 am

Detmold. More and more details are becoming known about the bloody murder in Detmold. According to information from the Lippische Landeszeitung, it is said that there was a message from the girl who allegedly smudged the room on the room with the blood of the killed brother – nothing was revealed about the contents. On request, Chief Prosecutor Christopher Imig and defense counsel Helmut Wheeler declined to comment. The 46-year-old girl's mother, who came to Germany in 2013 and worked as a cleaning lady, was at work during the crime last Wednesday. When she returned, she found the boy's body in bed, Imig said. The girl fled before her mother returned to Lemgo. "We assume the night was spent outdoors," Imig said. The route is said to have traveled on unpaved roads on foot. For further details – for example, where he wanted to go – done for tactical reasons not In the juvenile detention unit at CMA-Iserlon It's a tragedy, says defender Valerie He could only say that his client was charged with suspected youth homicide According to investigators, the 15-year-old is also thought to be the culprit but at the same time dealing with memory gaps. Early findings, girl develops deep fracture of her half-brother The next day, she will be authorized by a psychiatric expert to check if the girl is guilty of hig, Imig reported. The case has caused horror at the national level. With 28 stab wounds, the 15-year-old girl killed her half-brother asleep at her home in Detmold. At about 9pm on Wednesday, relatives found the boy's body and reported it to police. The teenager was arrested the next day in Lemgo, about nine kilometers away.

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