Thursday , September 24 2020

Germany: Right-hander prepares for "Civil War"


Violent German preparers have gathered in a previously unknown forum on the Internet to arm themselves for an alleged apocalypse and a "civil war" against migrants and Muslims.

According to SPIEGEL information, the group connects with more than 3,500 registered users via the Russian social network VK and is described as a "survival group".

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In addition to emergency preparedness lists, the forum offers a number of tips on obtaining weapons, both legal and illegal. Some go on to kill fantasies that kill blacks and Arabs.

According to security authorities' trusted analysis, weapons have been repeatedly found in beatings in Germany in recent years. In about 20 cases, such persons and groups belonged to the right-wing extremist scene or the milieu of imperial citizens. Again and again neo-Nazi groups hold training courses on "crisis prevention".

Security authorities, however, remain so far in their assessment that the prepared scene is not fundamentally anti-constitutional. Only a small part is radical. "Too long, security authorities have dismissed groups as preparers as harmless spin," criticizes Green Party politician Constantine von Nott. "Here, their analytical skills must be urgently improved."

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