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Germany beats Belarus in European Championship qualification: tricked into finish


Game scene: Serge Gnabry managed to get the crucial right wing start with a quick start and abruptly fit into the six-yard field, where center fielder Matthias Gunter hit a 1-0 draw for the DHB team (41st minute). The video referee would probably have missed a point in Gunter's first international goal, but that's not there in the European Championship qualifiers. Regardless, it was the door to the door, Brustler, whatever. From that moment on, the brass group, fearing death, could launch a party march towards EM 2020.

Others search for Piro, who carries a pipe to the stadium


Others search for Piro, who carries a pipe to the stadium

The result: Germany beat Belarus 4-0 (1: 0) in the penultimate qualifying for the European Championship in Monchengladbach. With Northern Ireland and the Netherlands playing 0-0 at the same time, DHB-Elf is certainly in the tournament next year here. Click here for the game report.

First half: The ill-fated German team has been operating consistently at Gegenpres, leaving guests with no air to breathe. The shot hit the goal of Belarus, 23 at the end of 45 minutes. But there are only a few attempts on The goal came, 40 minutes later, 0: 0. Lo and behold: With his first goal approach the penultimate group X would almost pass: Igor Stasevich's shot forced Manuel Neuer to a nice flight (40th), in turn dropped 1: 0.

Home Sweet Home: "We are not put in the living room," national coach Joachim Lowe said in a naughty day earlier at a news conference. It is good that he put Gunter in his living room in Monchengladbach, otherwise he would have gone awkward 0-0 on the break and memories of the only home match against Belarus, 2: 2 for eleven years, have become more pronounced.

Hell slogans: "All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them." This motto was the "national team of fans" players and TV viewers, including us, on the contrary. This calendar gate comes from Walt Disney's mouth. Because you have an idea in which segment of entertainment, Team leaders are located. At DFB you hug after a heartless sunset setting agency. However, many fans stayed home – just over 30,000 wanted to see the pre-qualifiers most likely.

Second half: The tempo did not slow down and the mature Belarusian men with an average age of more than 30 years were left with only the look of the German lamps. Leon Goretska (49th) and Tony Kroos (55th) scared the last doubt of victory. After a foul on Robin Koch Stasevich shot a penalty for the left side, but Neuer managed to intercept (75). On the opposite side, Cross was dominated by world action in the smallest space and finished 4-0 (83). 31:13 The goal kick was the end.

Neuer saved a penalty in Ter Stegen's living room

Federico Gambarini / dpa

Neuer saved a penalty in Ter Stegen's living room

Captain's debut: Something new for Neuer in his 92nd international match: For the first time he managed to hold a penalty in DHB jersey while playing a game in progress. Since the restoration there was a Parierarm.

No minus entry: A 0: 5 in Austria 16 years ago was the biggest defeat in the still young history of Belarusian football. That remains because the Hunt team has almost completely lost the momentum and consistency of the offensive movement in the last half hour.

What's Next: DHB-Elf will play on Tuesday (20.45pm, TV: RTL, live performer: SPIEGEL ONLINE) in the final match of the Northern Ireland European Championship qualification and may end the group with a win in the first group. For the Belarusians, who rank 86th in the world rankings between Uzbekistan and Gabon, it will be important again in the spring: Then they can secure a place in the League of Nations on June 12, 2020 with the start of the European Championship.

Germany – Belarus 4: 0 (1: 0)
1: 0 Gunter (41.)
Goretska 2: 0
3: 0 Cross (55)
4: 0 Cross (83)
Germany: Newou – Clusterman, Gunther, Koch, Schulz – Kimich, Cross – Gorecka, Gundogan, Gnabr (84. Waldsmith, 90. + 1 Rudy) – Werner (68. Brent)
Belarus: Gator – Matvejik, Martinovich, Naumov, Poliakov – Kovalev (78th Skavish), Dragun, Maevski, Nehajcik (84th Immortal) – Stasevich, Laptev (68th Lisakovich)
judge: Eagle Greenfeld (Israel)
Yellow Cards: Cook / –
Special Events: Neuer holds penalty for Stasevich (75)
viewers: 33164

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