Tuesday , September 22 2020

Gelsenkirchen: perpetrators inject 13-year-old substance into the body


Subway Gelsenkirchen

The culprit injects a 13-year-old unknown substance into the body

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An unknown person seriously injured a teenager by attacking her with a syringe. Initially, there was no detailed information on the injectable substance. The words of the perpetrator before the flight are confusing.

meIn Gelsenkirchen, a 13-year-old alien injects a previously unidentified substance into the body. Before the culprit escaped on Thursday, he said "number six", police said. The girl was badly injured in hospital.

The substance had an effect, a police spokesman said, without giving further details. According to current information, the teenager does not float in mortal danger. Civil servants could already talk to her. "It is according to the circumstances." The essence is being investigated.

In the morning, the 30-year-old perpetrator approached the youth on the way to a school event in the city center and threatened a painter.

According to police, possibly more victims

Then he told her to follow him. In the parking lot he removed the syringe and injected the substance. After the crime, the injured man rang the door to the local resident and asked for help. This brought the girl to the hospital.

The 13-year-old gave a precise description of the offender. Therefore, the unknown is 1.80 to 1.85 meters high, 30 to 40 years old and spoke German without accent. He has large dark eyes with thick bushes, police said. The stranger was dressed in a black winter polo jacket with a fur hood, a black T-shirt and shirt, black jeans, a black-and-white plaid scarf and black Sheila sneakers. He also wore white bracelets and had a black fanny pack with him.

Police did not rule out that the alien had hurt other people in similar ways or would have done similar acts. Investigators are looking for witnesses and have asked other possible victims to report to the police immediately.

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