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Formula 3: Sophia Flörsch broke the seventh cervical neck

Macau –

It could have been much worse.

In her horror movie at 276.2 km / h in the Formula 3 final in Macau, Sophia Flörsch (17) broke her seventh cervical neck – a medically broken neck!

Fortunately, her spinal cord is not damaged, said her father Alexander, according to the head doctor of the hospital, Conde S. Januário. That is why paraplegia does not threaten.

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Father and daughter team: Sophia Flörsch with her father Alexander in the garage of the Dutch team of Van Amersfoort Racing.

The operation lasted over eleven hours

But the injury was heavy, the operation delicate. The procedure lasted over eleven hours, but was "positive", father Flörsch confirmed.

That's why he worked so long, because doctors had to be cautious about nerve pathways. "Sophia is now being monitored in the intensive care unit and spending the night there from Monday to Tuesday."

Sophia Flörsch wrote on Twitter from the operating room

Earlier, his daughter reported from the operating room.

Sophia Flörsch wrote on Twitter: "Current intermediate information: The medical team deliberately works slowly to avoid risk." The previous course of the operation was good and without complications. "The operation that started this morning is still going on."

While her father Alexander is taking care of her, team boss Frits van Amersfoort and FIA World Federation are trying to overcome their terrible accident.

Here is the interview with the head of the Flörsch team Frits van Amersfoort.

In addition, a new photo appeared, illustrating the whole drama of the accident. And there are serious allegations against the track operator.

Read everything about the horror film by Sophia Flörsch.

A disaster

In the fourth round of 65. Macau GP Flörsch was promoted from 19 to 15 positions. With 276.2 km / h measured by the FIA, he shoots in the corner of Lisbon. Shortly before the braking zone, Jehan Daruvala (20) encounters an Indian sudden braking in the back.

Your car turns left on the curbs, which catapult it like a ramp into the air. The car turns in the air and flies back over the Japanese Sho Tsuboi car (23) towards the protective fence.

A bullet weighing 580 kilos breaks down pillars, like matches, crashes into scaffolding for television cameras and lands on the stairs where photographers and marshals have previously stood.

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The Munich-based car Sophia Flörsch lies after a horror disaster in Macau behind a dilapidated security fence.


Traffic lights and dangerous curbs. The team coordinator Mick Schumacher (19), Guan Yu Zhou (19) drove past Flörsch before the accident and claimed to have seen yellow warning lights on the straight lines.

The Chinese criticize: "I think it was an organizational mistake." Sophia was very close to Jehan Daruvala, and when she braked early, she did not have time to react.He rode Jehan's right rear tire in her car and was thrown into the air – straight into the Lisboa fence .

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The Sophia Flörsch car from Munich broke through the fence during the Formula 3 final in Macau.

In addition to streetlights, chaos fans also criticize dangerous curbs. Twitter user "It's easy: ban those curbs! This is not the first and not the last time! FIA knows, you know it !!!

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Race driver Sophia Flörsch suffered a fractured spine and must undergo surgery in Macau.


Her father, Alexander Flörsch, says: "She remembers all the details, but she does not want to anticipate investigations and investigations officially initiated by the FIA ​​on Sunday."

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FIA President Jean Todt and son Nicolas pull the string in the background – even with Ferrari?

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