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Flauger: Matthias Rome & Michelle: Mega Pretty Girl Daughter Wants to Start Now

Flager: Everyone knows the hit stars Michelle and Matthias Rome. Soon her daughter Marie? The beautiful 19-year-old wants to start now.

  • Marie Rome is the daughter of hit stars Michelle and Matthias Rome
  • A 19-year-old woman has announced she wants to start her own business
  • The singer can probably rely on the best advice from her parents.

STOCKHOLD – "Train Belubeni, get ready for the whole program," announces Marie Rome on Instagram. 18-year-old daughter of music icon Rhythm of Matthias (61) and Flager-Queen Michelle (47) wants to start now.

What the "full program" will be exactly, we can only guess. The hashtag »hit"And Pop has vaguely betrayed where he is traveling. And how could she not lead into music? With these prominent parents.

Daughter of Matthias Rome and Michelle: Beautiful Marie soon hit the star?

Your fans are definitely on fire. Happy for the "important news" that Chicken Slugger "can announce soon."

Comments aren't just flooded with anticipation. Marie is also full of compliments. "What a great outfit" and "Super Grenade", overwhelmed the user. "Such an incredible job. As beautiful as your mother … Michelle is a queen and you're a princess, "says the other.

Many fans would like to talk about their dad's biggest hit. "Damn, I love you" today it is still an absolute street song.

Matthias Daughter's Daughter Reim Marie: Big Family Power?

Besides his father Matthias Rome, Michelle's mother is at least so famous. The former ESC participant has twice won the echo and been on top of the German charts countless times. Can daughter Marie be similarly successful? It may work with full family power.

Son of Julian Rima: Did Father Matthias Reim help him succeed?

"MMM", that is, the rhyme of Michel, Marie and Matthias. But that's not the whole gang. The 19-year-old has forgotten "X". That would stand Ianulian rhyme, her half-brotherIn the focus, he sang at the Silberizan show "Fleger-Chance" and even won the match. He received the coveted Joker for a hit.

Michelle won three gold records.

© Sebastian Villeno, dpa

What in itself could only be good for the young singer was almost a scandal of wild speculation. The audience was suspicious of a gingerbread game. Only the surname rhyme was crucial, the musical performance farce. Hopefully such rumors will not come true.

Finally, it can be assumed that the talent of Marie and Julian was almost born in the cradle. Matthias Rome is one of the most successful Germans singer, 23 placements in the charts speak clear language. After surviving the illness, the 61-year-old toured the country again with his band.

Mathias Rome is a hit star – Marie wants to become herself

For Marie, though, the favorites are a little gilded. After all, she has a mother who also has a lot of talent. Rima by Michel and Matthias Being a couple from 1999 to 2001, Marie came to the Millennium.

Matthias Rome is immortal with "Hell, I love you."

© Christophe Schmidt, dpa

No doubt Marie Rome can rely on her parents' expertise if she wants to gain a foothold in the hit business. Michelle's mother can refer to three gold records, Matthias's father to one and platinum. However, the greatest achievement can be attributed to the two who have always been in the spotlight for a long time.

Michelle began her career in 1993 with the hit "First Study" and is still part of the excitement. Matthias Rome sat down with his first success monument "Damn, I love you"However, it did allow him to follow the charts' layout almost to the beat of the year. Current shows that not every musician can easily duplicate.


Picture of the List of rubrics: © Patrick Wieger, dpa / Instagram screenshot Marie Rome (photo montage)

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