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Five months after death: the cause of Mia-Lecia's death (16 pounds)?

In April, this news shocked the serial world: At the age of only 16 she was an actress Mia-Lecia Naylor was found by collapse at her home in London and died at the hospital a few hours later. Why the teen was so taken away from life, but so far unknown. Now, the cause of death is apparently finally settled: It is said that Mia-Lecia was hanged by accident.

how The telegraph It has now been reported that a forensic report shows that adolescents did not deliberately choke – she was killed by a tragic accident. Her father also made it clear that the "Almost Never" actress didn't want to end her life on purpose. "I'm sure she didn't want it, she had plans for the future," he said shortly after her death and doctors confirmed.

After the horrific accident, the famous, many serial colleagues expressed their sadness. "She was a beautiful and talented girl. She was always great with her in the set, I send all my love to her family and friends, peace and quiet beautiful girl. "said Emily Attack via Instagram in a word and remembered the good times with the deceased.

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Actress Mia-Lesia Naylor
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Mia-Lecia Naylor
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