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"Feelings Built": "Island of Love" Ricarda Is Forgiven

Ricarda Raac hovers on cloud nine again. The former Love Island contestant has not found the long-awaited prince of his dreams on the island of Leo in Misha Meyer. After her partner's gate, the model finally left the villa voluntarily. Reason: She was supposed to have a friend in her home country. Now let's go Ricarda once and for all the cat in the sack of relationship status – she's actually happy to be given to her lover before the show!

To her InstagramPage, the brunette posted a video and made her fans clear. Ricardo's new boyfriend is her ex Patrick and she is now officially with him! In the clip, the Dusseldorf woman now admits her love for her Patrick. "I hope you still stand by me and understand me, I wish all of you happy, a huge rock from me," she said with relief.

When the love villa found out she had a boyfriend at home, she fell in love with her island partner Misha in deep connection crisis. Then separated from her and Ricarda leave it voluntarily. Patrick supported her after her participation in "Island of Love" and captured her. Since then, lovers regularly spend time together, and the two have developed extreme emotions: "Now it's out, I have to get down first and close it, thank you for all you love."

Ricarda Raac and Misha Meyer on one RTL II / Magdalen AfterGallery button
Ricarda Raac and Misha Mayer play Island Love Island game
Ricarda Raac, Instagram / Richardsa set

Ricarda Raac, participant in "Island of Love"
Instagram / Richardsa set

"Island of Love" by Ricarda Raac

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