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FC Bayern / Hassan Salihamidzic: Excitement at the Speech of the Fans

Has some critics in the crowd: Hasan Salihamidzic. Here next to Cannes at FC Bayern Munich's annual general meeting

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It was an emotional night: FCB legend Uli Foenech said goodbye to the club's president. But there was also discontent.

  • FC Bayern's annual general meeting was Uli Jones' big farewell show.
  • However, late on Friday night it was Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic.
  • The mood in the hall became more serious and Carl-Heinz Rummenigge found clear words.

This year's general meeting was a great farewell show for Uly Jones – but the evening didn't end in harmony and harmony. Some Bayern fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the newly appointed Hasan Salihamidzic Sports Board, Others again showed no understanding.

CCB member settles with Hasan Salihamidzic at annual general meeting

on FCB countries has criticized in his speech the summer transfer period. "I don't want to say it was a farce, but it comes very close to the whole thing." And he expected brazzo By: He wanted a sports director who "alone generated a spirit of optimism on his own aura and must not defend himself in any top-rated TV show." Allusion to Uli Gunes' phone call last week in the Sports1 double-crossing talk . In addition, a member of the club exclaimed that Salihamidzic was to be given a "rhetoric" warrant. Braco may have revolutionized scouting, but he did not fame with his appearances in the media. He will no longer be a great speaker.

Fans' speech about Salihamidzic polarizing gym – Rumenige defends Braso

With this speech, a simple CCB member polarized the gym. There were whistles and gods. The new one CCB President Herbert Fanner (Comment on *) Brasso immediately jumped to the side. For a fair assessment to consider his work in its entirety. also, Carl-Heinz Rummenigge defended the sports director: "Hassan is well on his way, give him a chance. He deserves it, "he appeals to members and referred to the CCB campus construction work. In addition, Rummenigge reminded that German is not the native language of the Bosniaks.

Rummenigge becomes clear to critical fans of FC Bayern

Rummenigge became even more explicit: "No one who writes about him, no one who shoots him on social media knows him." He is super dedicated and only considers the good of FC Bayern. The head of the CCB called for a sensible approach in the future.

The topic of Brazos is looking at the CCB fan base. But there are also many on the side of club bosses. For example, another member of the association expressed solidarity with the sports committee on the podium and criticized Twitter's "#Brazosout community". So those fans looking for his expulsion on social media. Braco can be given "a good school report in the meantime".

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A curious scene took place between Uli Jonesch and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. It culminated in the sentence: "I can be cheated!"


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