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Farmer seeks wife: Patrick just here because of a lost bet? RTL viewers were amazed

Bauer-Sucht Frau (RTL): Is Patrick Romer (24) from Oberdorf on Lake Constance there just because of a lost bet? A bad rumor leaves many TV viewers speechless. Now the 24-year-old young farmer explains.

Oberdorf – RTL viewers are amazed by the accusations against Bauer Soht Frau candidate Patrick Romer from Oberdorf near Constance on Lake Constance. The young farmer has been a bachelor farmer since the beginning of the 16th season with host Inka Baus. Never before have so many women applied for farming.

“Farmer looking for a wife”: Patrick only here because of lost time?

In Monday night’s episode, 5.31 million RTL viewers watched Patrick Romer decide on the 24-year-old from Munich and against Sophie. Prior to that, the photo model Antonia voluntarily left the young farmer’s farm because she could not cope with the pressure of competition. The couple ended up in bed on their first day together as well Extratip.com reported.

But now the dark clouds are gathering over the beautiful Lake Constance, Because: Supposedly, the farmer, who is also a student of industrial engineering, participated only because of a lost bet. An accusation that leaves many RTL viewers speechless.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick Romer comments on betting allegations

Specifically, one insider claims that Patrick will only buy out his betting debts. An objection that the 24-year-old from Oberdorf did not want to sit on. Compared to promiflash.de, the farmer took a position. Patrick Romer literally:

Patrick Romer commented on the allegations about the betting on Instagram. by u / extratipp_com

I applied of my own free will and, contrary to what many might say, I have not lost a bet. It should be clear in his eyes that he is not a typical “farmer looking for a woman” candidate for whom the show is the last chance to meet someone. “I am definitely serious“, Summarizes Patrick Romer.

How serious Patrick is about his chosen jaulia remains to be seen. The two looked very much in love in the last episode of “Bauer Sacht Frau”. But are the claims that Patrick true? is there only because of a lost bet, that certainly would be Reason for separation for iaulia.

I feel very comfortable around Patrick. “The way he looks at me is really wonderful,” Julia said for the last time during her time on the farm with Patrick. Maybe there is already clarity about Patrick’s intentions next Monday 20.15 on “Bauer Sacht Frau” on RTL.

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