Monday , June 14 2021

Explosion at Krefeld! Seven injured – a region

Explosion at Krefeld! Seven injuries – Warning for population change

A crucible in Krefeld-Hughes exploded. Firefighters and police were on the spot.

A crucible in Krefeld-Hughes exploded. Firefighters and police were on the spot.

Photo: Police Krefeld

Krefeld. On Wednesday afternoon, a hot oven exploded into a foundry Krefeld-Hüls. Also in the evenings, firefighters are still in action to extinguish the fire, which by the explosion was caused.

About 27 people were treated on the spot, and seven were hospitalized for injuries – including injuries to burns.

Krefeld: The roads are closed, warning the population

Fire Service spokesman Christoph Manten said in a conversation with DER WESTEN that Krefeldthat street and Hugsler Road are currently locked. The reason for this is the water supply for Löscheinschein.


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Firefighters take several hours to extinguish the flames

The fire brigade will be busy for several hours, as the roof of the salad hall is still burning. At the moment, 60 volunteers of the professional and volunteer fire service are in place. So far it's not clear how explosion was activated.

Because of explosion He went out of the fire Krefeld First, I received more help from the surrounding cities from more victims. At 17 o'clock there were 14 ambulances, five ambulances and five emergency doctors in action.

Meanwhile, a warning has been issued to the public because of the big smoke. This is now canceled, as well as closing the surrounding streets.

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