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Everywhere: Supermarket Announces Advertising With "4 Blocks" Gangster Boss

The 4-star "4 Blocks" makes advertising of "Edeka" a viral hit

Since advertising for "Supergail" Edeka has repeatedly attracted attention with his videos. Especially the current advertisement is obtained by the appearance of a popular actor.

It could almost be a trailer for the new season of the hit series "4 Blocks". But that is the new Adeca advertising spot. Exciting and funny at the same time is the place through the appearance of Kida Ramadan. The actor plays the gangster boss Tony Hamadi in "4 blocks".

In the two-minute ad, which aired Wednesday, Ramadan returned to the role of clan boss Tony Hamadi. In advertising, he cites his alleged student gangster through dark warehouses. He shows his business completely in a 4-block gangster. Ramadan plays his role as a criminal in sunglasses and tracksuits so convincingly that you first assume it is a drug trade. The allusions in the series also reinforce the impression of illegal business. “You want to play with the big guys, right? Like me and my uncle in the old days, it was a good time. " What actually sells is still unclear. But Hamadi is trampling on its student product that is "fresh" and "1A". In the series, such allusions are linked to cocaine.

His student is convinced of the item, the goods and of course his boss. He swore allegiance to his "clan chief" in front of the closed roller door. Then comes the punch line! As a final statement, Hamadi says: "Pay attention to the people in your gang." The student is irritated and asks if he means "Gung", which means English word for group. He does not mean.

Next row at Edeka:

The front door opens and the two stand in the brightly lit Edecca market. Because the alleged drug boss is actually the potato boss.

"When they said we were working with potatoes, I thought of it a little differently." Image: youtube

"Habibi, potatoes are business now!" Image: youtube

Funny advertising is not just for potential customers, but also for anyone interested in retail training. With the slogan "Do a Potato Business – and Do It Yourself, in Over 30 Training Professions in Edeka" the joke dissolves.

On Facebook, the video is a hit. Within a day, the site saw more than 65,000 views and was shared nearly a thousand times. The users under the video rejoice at the creative advertising trick.

You can watch the real 4-block trailer here.

The "Last Chapter" of the series has been on TNT since November 7th.


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