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European Championship Qualifiers: Tony Cross leads DHB team to victory over Belarus


Updated 17.11.2019, 09:28 am

At EURO 2020! With a friendly 4-0 win over Belarus, Germany makes their 13th European Championship appearance perfect. Gunter, Goretska, and Kroes meet twice in one-sided play. Northern Ireland will now beat the group.

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Ticket reserved, Joachim Hunt now required. With a 4-0 (1-0) win over Belarus, the German national football team managed to match the day before qualifying for the expected 2020 European Championship qualification. minute) at his home stadium one-way game against a shameless outsider to win. In the second half, Leon Goretska (49th) and Tony Kroos (55th and 83rd) gave twice and secured the 13th European Championship participation in Germany. Captain Manuel Neuer proved safe with the selected penalty. Despite the clear result only 33,164 fans came to Borussia Park, but rarely did the EM mood.

Even 1st place is still possible

In Tuesday's final match in Frankfurt against Northern Ireland, the DHB team (now 18 points) can now even secure the group's victory, as the previous leader Netherlands (16) did not go above 0-0 in Northern Ireland. For the British, 13, however, the draw was not enough, now they must hope for a third place in the playoffs in March next year. National coach Hove must bring his young team into the constitution by the time of the first European Championship match on June 16 in Munich in a fast-paced challenge to the top nations. Hunt will be the seventh major tournament as a responsible coach, with Helmut John (6) finally leaving.

"London '20" was to read it before the match in the German fan block. But before the EURO finals could be dreamed of, the DHB team had its duty. And this was the attempt against the World Rank 86 on a game of patience. In contrast to the extremely weak Belorussians, who sometimes acted with a six-defensive chain, they were compared to Estonia's game in seven positions replaced by the German team, the premises extremely tight.

Over 80 percent of the ball

The team around returning team leader Tony Cross sat down on Hunt's specification of "power play" and "dynamics". But the last pass was often missing. More than 80 percent possession and 12: 0 shots were already half an hour booked. The target did not want to fall. Gunther's shot was used by goalkeeper Aliaxander Gutter (15), Cross (20) and Serge Gnabry (24) to hit the outside net.

Since Timo Werner also had the best chance to date (38th), the four-time world champion would have been almost bitterly punished. The long shot by Igor Stasivit Noir could have been paralyzed, even with the captain directly against Dennis Lapto (40). Otherwise, Munich was almost unemployed. Hunt has already determined the parting of the roles ahead of the match, with Nuyers Mark-Andre Ter Stegen's rival on Tuesday to stand between the posts.

It is worth seeing, but not in accordance with the rules, then the German water gate dropped. After a shot from Gnabry Gunther brought the ball into the goal. However, Gladbacher was fortunate that his offside position was not seen. The video referee does not exist in the European Championship qualifiers.

Gunther defender, Cross, conductor

Gladbacher acted after the long-term failure of Nicklas Saleh as defense chief. In addition, young Freiburg Robin Koch came in for his second international match, as Leverkusen Athonathan Tach's injury was still not properly treated. Leipzig Lucas Clusterman left a better impression on the wings than Nico Schultz.

In the second round the German team did not have to wait so long for a sense of achievement. Corner kick for the team of Kroos Ginter. The ball goes for Goretska, who hits the corner. Munich fits in with his return to the team with a good running time. The ninth goal of his only 24th international match was a reward for that. The Belarusian resistance was broken. Cross scored the third goal, but Offside Werner could also be penalized.

Then the game leveled, only Neuer was wide awake. In the 75th minute, the goalkeeper even deceived Stasivitz's penalty. Foul had previously committed Koch. On the other hand, Crosse crowned his good performance with another goal. (MSS / dpa)

Emotional Farewell to Uli Jones: Since 1970, the 1974 world champion has been active as a player, manager or president of the club. It was time for him to leave on Friday.

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