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Eintracht Frankfurt: David Abraham suspends 7-week joke attack – Bundesliga

Mega penalty for Frankfurt skipper David Abraham, 33, for checking against Freiburg coach Christian Strich, 54!

The Argentine was suspended by the DHB sports court for seven weeks. He also receives a fine of 25,000 euros. The lock runs from November 10th until December 29th 2019.

Assets: Frankfurt must give up their defender by the end of the year. However, he has the right to play in the Europa League.

Tuesday afternoon was the criminal charges brought by the DHB Eintracht Control Committee, today's written judgment of the individual judge.

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but: Eintracht will appeal the verdict "in order to give David Abraham a chance to speak in person during a hearing at the DHB sports court in Freiburg."

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Photo: photo alliance / dpa

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Judge Felix Braich (right) shows David Abraham a red cardPhoto: photo alliance / dpa

review: In injury time, Freiburg coach Christian Strich (54) leaves the ball. That's 1-0 for Freiburg. Eintracht captain David Abraham, 33, hit the coach when he expires, the entire Freiburg-bank goes to the Argentine, and Frankfurt players are added. PACK education!

Freiburg also complains

Once everyone is calm, Jury Dr. Felix Brach Abraham Roth (90th + 6) and also substituted Freiburg Griffo see video evidence as red (90th + 10). He caught Abraham in the face.

Griffo will also be punished! Freiburg was dropped for his "assassination attempt on provocation" by the DHB's sports court, which ended with three matches. In contrast, Breisger opposed. Now there's an oral argument.

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