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Eintracht Frankfurt: David Abraham long suspended

SGG fights against the Abraham lock

After the attack on Christian Strip DHB David Abraham was punished drastically. But Eintracht Frankfurt now opposes the verdict.

Captain David Abraham will not run for the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt this year. The German Football Association (DHB) sports court has blocked the 33-year-old Argentine on Wednesday for his review against coach Christian Strich from league rivals SC Freiburg until 29 December.

The next six matches in the Bundesliga Frankfurt must be scheduled without Abraham. He remains eligible to play in the Europa League.

In addition, Abraham is fined 25,000 euros for his "attack on the enemy".

Eintracht appealed against the suspension

However, Eintracht opposed the verdict "to give David Abraham the opportunity to speak personally at the DHB sports court in Freiburg on the occasion of the hearing". Now it has to be negotiated at the headquarters of the German Football Association.

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Also, Friborg is a closed Griffo

Abraham on Sunday (0: 1) tried out a match in Freiburg in the penalty area and saw a red card from referee Felix Braich (Munich). Then, Abraham and Freiburg, Vincenzo Griffo, came into a fight for which the already replaced Griffo also noticed red. Griffo was suspended Wednesday for three games.

A little later, Abraham apologized "in full" for the incident. However, the chief of defense was loud picture already fined 35,000 in the house, which should be for good reason.

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