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Dow Jones: The sales story is repeated

Current Tables: Dow Jones: The sales story is repeated

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The Dow Jones Industrial Index falls high
Step towards his next target group. This should be
negative news, however, do not stop because of this
In the long run there will be more space at the bottom. however,
Investors do not have much to worry about.

The current sale (C), only with a short
The expulsion was interrupted, disconnected
a technical point of view that can be calculated with almost 24,000 points
achieved. The market first developed similarly
Sale (wave A), which showed C-wave was stronger
can be pronounced – especially now in progress, secondly
Poddodel. Even if the market decays less dynamically,
The potential for recovery should initially be around 25,000 / 25,200
be limited. There is currently a monthly average price
(blue) and a horizontal zone with many turning points (gray).
Only if purchases remain outside this zone can be one of the
to say a new stabilization signal.

In the long run
The target price of 23,300 currently does not need a change. that
stems from the falls of the past few months, even now
re-mark for ready-made market participants
should represent. Given the limited scope of the shortcomings
For now, investors should not be afraid of an accident. Remains to be seen
how strong demand has once again reached this goal
increases and as a result is sustainable
Stabilization will be. But this can only be determined if
Dow has reached his goal.

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He is the publisher of the largest German stock index magazine Index-Radar. The results of his research were published by Börse Online, Financial Times Deutschland and n-tv.

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