Monday , September 28 2020

Doesn't fit in the bag: Aldi surprised with a whole new product


Soon new bags will arrive in the branches of Aldi South and North. As banal as it sounds, this is a very practical idea: these bags simply have longer handles so you can use them as spray bags.

Chip already looked at the wounded Aldi at TechFounders' startup fair and talked to backpackers. In January, Aldi called on startups to propose their ideas for Aldi branches across the country. According to the Aldi press office, more than 80 applications arrived, nine of which were invited to the field. The deal then got three startups, including Johnson, who suggested these backpacks – but still in paper form.

Paper Bag Problem: They are barely repetitive once the bags are packed. Aldi wasn't sustainable enough, they wanted disposable backpacks. Thus, a backpack made of textile-like fabric is not actually a recycled material but a raw material (100% polypropylene).

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