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'Disrespectful, rude …': Duchess Megan's coat in memorial service in criticism


Duchess Meghan Markle's clothes always make conversation – whether the Duchess of Sussex goes to a wedding or memorial service. But a picture of her outfit has now caused problems.

  • Megan MarkleThe Duchess of Sussex attended the service as part of Remembrance Day.
  • on The Duchess of Sussex He wore a designer coat worth over 1,700 euros.
  • The announcement of her outfit sparked public outrage.

London – a simple black designer wool coat Stella McCartneyadorned with red poppy flour – in fact a memorial suit. But the coat, Duchess Megan contributed, triggering a scandal, as Promifles reported.

Fashionable Instagram advertising with Zezogin Megan

Because the designer, who already has the wedding dress Duchess Megan Designed, she took the outfit as an opportunity to advertise her fashion brand and current Instagram collection. Daughter of Paul McCartney post a picture of Duchess Megan at the memorial service. In the center: At Stella McCartney designed wool coat.

He wrote this Stella McCartney: "Honor to have the HRH Duchess of Sussex in our autumn coat & # 39; 19 of Remembrance Day service. X Stella". In English: "I feel so honored that The Duchess of Sussex carries the coat from the Fall 2019 collection to the Memorial Day service. Kiss, Stella. "

on The Duchess of Sussex wore clothes from clothes in the past Stella McCartneyfor example, a black dress on the occasion of her third public appearance since the birth of Baby Archie,

Meghan Markle Post causes resentment in the public – and is removed

For the designer lovers, the promotional campaign came this time, but not good. Because users were of the opinion, it would be inappropriate to use such an occasion for advertising. After all, on Remembrance Day, November 11, it's time to commemorate the fallen soldiers of World War I. On this occasion, British copyright and politicians gather at the centenary ceremony.

The fact that Stella McCartney used the day for promotional measures has received numerous negative comments, including Daily Mail stated:

"Using the remembrance day for advertising is a bit disrespectful," a user said. "Inappropriate", "insensitive" and even "shabby" found the other designer's Instagram action. One user explains: “Remembrance Day is there to honor those who fought for us, not to advertise. Pretty shocking. "

The glittering storm had consequences: The designer Stella McCartney extinguish photo from Duchess Megan after a few hours – but did not comment on the allegations of their fans.

Stella McCartney: New post because of the Blog

Instead, the designer uploaded a poppy video. Chickens symbolize fallen soldiers. The designer called the post: "In memory of those who sacrificed to give us freedom."

This was agreed with their followers in a conciliatory way: "Better than the royal in the coat," a user commented. Another was totally on the designer's side: "I think it's wrong to be proud of people who look good on such a special day. Bring the mail back! “

Duchess Megan is also in focus if you do not like clothes Stella McCartney brings. because Duchess MeganHer clothes sparkle: The Sussex Duchess's appearance has often been sharply criticized. Prince Harry's secession also makes headlines with her neckline. At the moment, however, the Duchess's decision is causing a sensation: Megan and Harry will not celebrate Christmas with the royal family.

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