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Disgusting leaflet reef: Vegan ignites violent reactions

Lactose-free milk, gluten-free or animal-free pastries – the nutritional properties have been increasing for years. Supermarkets and discounts are also responding to this and are increasingly focusing on products for people with food intolerance or vegetarians and vegans. Despite the attempts, the client found an error in the prospectus that really angered him.

In a brochure on the Rewe supermarket chain, the company advertises with various meatless chips from the Wallace brand and prints "vegan" next to it. Accordingly, the products were to be produced without any animal products and without animal testing. However, the name "Gooda-Schnitzel" casts doubt on a Facebook user who posted a photo of the prospectus on the platform. Cheese made from animal milk is rejected by vegans without conviction, as is juicy steak.

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Reeve's defect causes a mockery of Facebook

"These are offered as vegan in the advertising brochure, but are only vegetarian," he writes of the painting, adding three red scoops and unsatisfied emotions. Reeve responds in a timely manner: "Hi, thank you for the note, we'd love to check it out. Can you send us a private message with the market address from where the prospect comes from, and your email address? Thank you and we will see you soon, your Reeve team. "

Other Facebook users are less sovereign. Under Brunner's announcement, a little bullshit ignited. Most cannot understand his anger. "Another vegan thing I will never understand, I think there are bigger problems in the world than that …" writes one. Another asks, "Are you getting into the panties now ?!" Another user gives a reference to the product image label, has a vegetarian, the note: "You should read the fine print …"


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