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DHB and Adidas are fans of EM's jersey


Updated 12.11.2019 at 10:22 am

If the German national team against Belarus and Northern Ireland collects their final points for the European Championship qualification, coach Joachim Lov's players are also a little less keen on the DHB supplier.

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The German national team is back on a promotional tour. On Saturday in Munich (against Belarus) and on Tuesday for a week in Frankfurt (against Northern Ireland), the DHB team wants to complete the qualification for the 2020 European Championship and not just score points for the last qualifying table in Group F.

The two home games have a good reputation: the Germans want their national team again. In time, they introduced the new shirt to DHB. A completely white vest Germany is no more.

DHB and Adidas miss a chance

If DHB, and hence its premium partner Adidas since the World Cup shame in 2018 with the intention of repairing the damaged image of the population, then this partnership has now missed their best chance.

In Germany jerseys: everything is as cruelly expensive as ever. 89.95 euros for the fan version, even 129.95 euros for the professional version. Kids' sizes won 64.95 euros to book, followed by matching pants between 32.95 and 49.95 euros.

The family man, who wants to equip his two children for the summer European Championship, is there for about 200 euros. But then Dad doesn't have a shirt.

Understandably, pricing policy is not. Unlike the clubs in the Bundesliga, the DHB does not have to fund a professional squad with the proceeds of the shirt. If the association states that the sale of jerseys not only maintains its own administrative apparatus but also contributes to football as a payment, then this departure would not be necessary.

Baseball football helps nothing better than the DHB top commitment to knowing the budget constraints on households and fans.

EM T-shirt: No sign of closeness to the fan

The continued high level of jersey pricing only shows: The promised return to Jance stops where the cashier has the last word.

With the profit margin possible with jerseys, Adidas would make a good fit too at a more favorable price. But only Janis is rarely the heart of a listed company.

Thus, the new DHB jersey serves a largely unjustified charge of commercialization. It cannot be argued for a long time now whether black horizontal stripes are chic or child grade, whether black-red-gold is playful on the sleeve or reed-table. But that doesn't help. This is the ultimate question of taste. Fashion is always a time phenomenon.

And maybe you just have to wait a bit. The old DHB jersey is now available for € 16.45 on Amazon.

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