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Detmold (NRV): Brother stabbed! So, this is the alleged assassin – the region


Detmold. Terrifying case in Detmold (NRW)! In the multiple residence of Noylandstrasse in Detmold-Klit was found dead on Wednesday night (November 6th), a three-year-old child. The 15-year-old boy's half-sister is in immediate doubt.

The teenager is said to have been killed in a town of 75,000 people in East Westphalia with 28 knife wounds.

Detmold (NRV): 15-year-old Olivia-Martha K. caught!

On Thursday morning, the suspicious Olivia-Martha K. could have been caught in Lemgo. A Witness gave a key notion.

Earlier, police held Bielefeld, and Lippe police intensely searched for the suspect and even posted a picture of the girl on Thursday. Dogs and helicopters have also been used and intensively serviced by the girl Detmold (NRW) and the surroundings searched.

An arrest warrant for the murder was issued on Friday.

Current developments in the case:

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After autopsy on the corpse: Police are calling in horrific details

Tuesday, November 12:

3:30 pm: "She was shy and reserved," Helmut Kohler told our editors. The lawyer represents the only 15-year-old Olivia K. He spoke with the chief suspect the day after the fact. "She was talking to me," but his client was extremely introverted. "She was still very impressed with the work," says Helmut Kuhler. After all, the 15-year-old Detmold is accused of killing his brother with 28 stitches.

Olivia W. is currently in the youth prison in Iserlon. Her lawyer did not know how it worked. "I will visit her early next week," he promises. He hopes for a quick psychiatric examination. "A psychiatrist may come to the conclusion that he should be treated."

12:30 pm It is still unclear what made the cruel act the only 15-year-old Olivia. Was it Ayers? So far, the public prosecution has not released details of the motive.

Monday, November 11:

15:46: After a deadly knife attack on her three-year-old half-brother, investigators reconstructed the crime and the subsequent escape of the 15-year-old suspect. To do so, inquire more witnesses, check the information provided by the accused and assess the traces, Detmold prosecutor's spokesman Christopher Imig said Monday.

"We expect her to spend the night outdoors," Imig continued. The route is said to have traveled on unpaved roads on foot. For further details – for example, where he wanted to go – do not give information for tactical reasons.

In addition, the protection of a 15-year-old's personality is particularly great. She is in custody for the murder.

11:26: In the case of a 15-year-old who is said to have killed her half-brother while sleeping with 28 knife wounds, the motive remains unclear. For juvenile delinquents, experts will have to clarify a variety of issues – such as whether the perpetrator can even understand injustice and control his or her actions, Fuller-Springring explained.

Or also if there is a mental disorder. In addition, an expert will need to examine how a person handles feelings, frustrations, or stress in their parents. The learning environment in the school should also be emphasized.

Sunday, November 10:

6 pm: The 15-year-old, who is said to have killed her half-brother in Detmold with 28 stab wounds, has been in custody for two days. There he should be examined and psychiatric.

13:24: Defender Helmut Wheeler is aiming for a quick psychiatric examination of his client in Iserlon custody. He told Westphalen-Blatt. Asked if the 15-year-old woman understood what she had allegedly done, Valer responded. "I don't know what she looks like." You can't come close to her.

13:11: The motive remains unclear on Sunday. The investigation last weekend. A psychological report is inevitable, Bielefeld police said. Although she considers herself a perpetrator, there are gaps in memory. According to preliminary information, the girl developed a deep aversion to her half-brother.

Saturday, November 9:

3 pm: Experts warn of the Detmold act before rushing to conclusions. Mareik Fuller-Springorum, medical director of the Marsberg Forensic Psychiatry Center in North Rhine-Westphalia, says no one controls his anger. "It's a complex interaction."

Psychologist Isisela Dreier of Bonn says: "Anger is the most intense and difficult to control emotion." Even adults find it difficult to control it. "Anger control only works through self-reflection and language," Dreyer says. Deficits at these points would be a problem.

Detmold: The perpetrator refers to the gaps in memory

A 15-year-old suspect, Olivia, is currently in custody for murder. According to investigators, she considers herself a perpetrator, but refers to gaps in memory. According to preliminary information, the girl developed a deep aversion to her half-brother.

The two experts, Schiller-Springer and Dreyer, agreed that little is known about the Detmold case to date. They have generally expressed anger. Accordingly, brain areas develop in adolescents at different times. The areas of behavior and thus impulse control matured relatively late, areas such as the reward center matured relatively early. "This leads to disharmony in adolescent development. Adolescent parents can confirm that, ”explains Schiller-Proletro.

"With anger as an activist for violence, the question is, why is it so massive? No one was there for the person concerned? What does the family system look like? Can an adolescent develop solutions strategies for themselves? What is his social responsibility? How does it handle criticism? "Says the specialist.

Investigators have said this last: "The motive for the offense is to assume that the defendant lived in a difficult family environment and developed a profound malice for the sibling."

Olivia left a bloody message on the wall

8.48 clock: As the picture shows, the 15-year-old is said to have left a message of blood on her half-brother on the wall. This was to be confirmed by the newspaper's prosecutor. The contents of the message, which were to be written in English, were not said by investigators.

17:16: Because of the gravity of the offense and the possible risk of an absolute conviction, the judge ruled that the 15-year-old was placed in juvenile detention in Iserlon.

13:25: The investigation has now revealed an indication that it could lead to the fact in Detmold.

"The motive for the offense is to assume that the defendant lived in a difficult family environment and developed a deep aversion to his half-brother," police and prosecutors said Friday. Specific reason for the offense, 15-year-old, but not named.

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12:28: The day after the horrific act in Detmold, a preliminary autopsy is available. Accordingly, a total of 28 times a knife stabbed three year olds. As the Bielefeld police said in a joint news release with prosecutor Detmold, it could be assumed that the victim was asleep at the time of the crime.

The arrested half-sister does not deny the crime. According to authorities, she considers herself a perpetrator, but talks about gaps in memory. Thereafter, the competent judge issued a murder warrant for his motives and treason. The psychiatric expert now needs to clarify whether her liability was limited at the time of the crime.

Detmold: Why did the little boy have to die?

9.36 am: The city of Detmold declined to comment on whether the family had cared for the youth office in the past. "For privacy reasons, we are not talking about anything," the spokeswoman said.

However, she noted that there was "no evidence that the child's wellbeing" was endangering the youth welfare office.

8.31am: As before, the question is "why". The motive of the 15-year-olds, who should have stabbed her half-brother, is still unknown.

This issue will be clarified only during further investigations.

Imprisonment for up to 10 years is a threat

7:45 pm: Today, 15-year-old Olivia, who is said to have stabbed her half-brother in Detmold, presented her to the judge. Prosecutors had a murder warrant Thursday.

The adolescent is a criminal, but on charges, the process would be on camera. Then the appraiser will check to what extent Olivia is guilty. He will also evaluate their spiritual development. If the girl is convicted of murder, you could theoretically face up to ten years in prison.

The Juvenile Court (CCG) Act actually provides for a maximum sentence of five years for a youth. However, if the trial involves a crime for which adult criminal law carries a maximum sentence of more than ten years, the maximum for adolescents is ten years in prison. That would be the case in murder.

Thursday, November 7:

14:48: As the autopsy has shown, numerous puncture wounds are responsible for the boy's death. The estimator will still present the final result.

In the presence of her defense attorney, who was set aside from Detmold District Court, the 15-year-old could already comment on the allegations. For tactical reasons, the police have not yet released the contents of their statements. Tomorrow is due to appear in Detmold County District Court tomorrow. He then decides whether a death warrant has been issued.

Resident: “There was a lot of excitement. I thought, what's going on here? “

14:29: Hannah Fisher, 22, and her mother Daniela Recker, 42, explain to our reporter Peter Sieben how they experienced the night. "You heard the police looking for dogs," said Hannah Fisher, who has a young son. “It was a lot of excitement. I thought, what's going on here? “

She took care of her own child and herself. Who is best in such a situation? Staying in the house? "When I heard he was caught, it was a relief," said the 22-year-old. Although she and her mother do not know the family personally, they still act "normal" to them.

11:27: Alexander Mantei, 31, lives one street away. He says: "I woke up one night when the helicopter was flying here." He was shocked to learn that a young child in his neighborhood had died.

He recently bought a house in the area. In the residential area of ​​the crime scene, he says, "live here, and socially weaker, many Hart-4 recipients and single mothers." The family alone, he did not know.

11:17: The neighborhood is dominated by multi-family homes, they appear to be anonymous. Aena, who lives next to the house where the crime took place, has never seen her family, she says.

Detmold (NRV): Olivia Killed by Allegory?

11.10 clock: Former mother's partner says jealousy could be a possible motive. Neither the prosecutor nor the police can confirm this at this time. Therefore, the assumption with caution.

Residents: "Is this the first time I see police here?"

11.5 Clock: A resident who wants to remain anonymous is shocked by the fact: "I've been living here for 40 years. This is my first time seeing the police and things like that here. "He did not notice anything suspicious on the night of the crime.

He is upset by the act: “A small child killed by his own sister? It can't be in this world. "

Toder killed in Detmold: suspects make no resistance

10:54 pm: Further, the chief prosecutor explains that the neighbors probably heard nothing about the crime. Who exactly found the dead child, he cannot tell. Just so: Other relatives also had a role to play.

10:40 pm: As Attorney General Christopher Imig explains, the suspects were quiet at the arrest in Lemgo. She did not resist.

10.26 clock: Local authorities are waiting for forensic medicine. The crime scene was closed so that the experts could work smoothly.

Forensic medicine arrives – mourners place candles

10.22: The house is in a quiet area, reports our local rapporteur. Opposite it is a small garden area. No nation is short.

10.18 pm: There are currently about ten police officers on the scene in Detmold. Two police cars stand in front of the multi-family house in Neilandstras, emergency services provide a visual display.

In front of the house, a young man has already turned off the grave light. The former partner, who is neither the father of the suspects nor the murdered boy, also lit a candle.

Detmold: Olivia-Martha K suspicious!

10 o'clock: 15-year-old is ready! As the Bielefeld police reported, a careful witness gave the decisive hint. A police officer in Lemgo-Brake arrested the wanted man.

9.38 am: Against this editorial, Bielefeld police continue to talk that a relative has found the dead boy. Whether it is the mother is unclear. It is also unclear at this time whether the two children were alone in the apartment.

7.58 pm: According to police, police have no information whether the 15-year-old fugitive is in real danger. Detmold is the largest city in Lippe County with about 70,000 inhabitants.

The mother was supposed to find the dead son in the apartment

7.41 clock: According to the picture, the mother, when she returned home at 9 pm, found the little boy in an empty apartment.

7.27 clock: Traces in the apartment clearly indicated the half-sister as a suspect, a police spokeswoman explains. So far, little is known about the exact circumstances.

7.14 pm: As police confirm in this editorial, a relative found the boy dead. He had several stab wounds. The "state of the relatives" has yet to be clarified.

Bielefeld police are searching with great pressure

6:46: To clarify as soon as possible the death of a child, police in Bielefeld are now publicly looking for a picture of Olivia-Martha Cargol. The 15-year-old is 1.75 meters tall and has shoulder length, black hair.

She has a strong figure and was wearing a black jacket, red sweater and black leggings at the time of the crime. The facts are still unclear.


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Teenager as a killer: It's happening again and again

There are children who become perpetrators in Germany again and again. In 2016, a 13-year-old boy killed a boy of the same age in Bad Smiemerg. For 2018, North Rhine-Westphalia police crime statistics alone 35 suspects between the ages of 14 and 17 were found guilty of murder or manslaughter.

However, cases where children kill their siblings are far less common. In 2009, a 16-year-old killed his six-year-old brother. Four years earlier, in 2005, a six-year-old girl killed her ten-day sister.

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