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Descendant of Prince William and Kate? The Duchess reportedly was pregnant with twins

Photo heats up rumors of a possible fourth pregnancy for Duchess Kate. The insider is said to have discovered: Kate is expecting twins.

Update from 19.09.2019: Royal Fans are currently floating in the seventh heaven: Duchess Kate is said to be pregnant again – this time even with twins. Secret Insider has already revealed details.

So Prince William was blessed to learn of his wife's sweet secret. This is published in the weekly magazine New Idea. Believe me, there should be two girls.

"Charlotte is his bright spot, to have two more girls to spoil it would be absolutely fortunate for him," the insider says.

Duchess Kate: Pregnant with twins? So William wants to call the girls

Royal also thought about the names of the little ones: William was supposed to tell his friends that he wanted to name one of the girls, Diana. In honor of his late mother – the legendary Lady Diana.

But rumors about Kate's pregnancy are not there yet. The British royal family should expect three babies.

Update on 18.09.2019: That was the royal news on Sunday: Duchess Kate, mother of the royal show in England, is said to be pregnant again – this time with twins.

New details have now been revealed: Upcoming offspring should act as an insider on two girls. This informs the women's magazine and applies to the US OK! Magazine.

Duchess Kate: Twins are said to be two girls

Already, little ones need to keep their dream couple married: Reportedly, Kate and William are currently trying to figure out how best to organize the transition from a family of five to a family of seven.

Even the exact plans the insider wants to know. "Now, Charlotte is planning to take her downstairs to the bedroom for senior girls so that the nursery is closer to Kate."

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Kate and William: The new offspring should keep the Royals on their toes

Although the rumor mill continues to be seen day by day: so far there is no official statement from the palace. Royal fans can be more excited.

Update on September 17, 2019: Spectacular news from the British royal family: After rumors of pregnancy for Duchess Kate, it is now announced that Prince William's wife is even expecting twins.

Relying on the American OK! The magazine reports to the tabloid portal, Kate is pregnant with two girls. The insider also had to reveal that expecting parents are "totally excited" and grateful. Kate was absolutely speechless. No wonder! If rumors confirm, they would be the first royal twins in more than 500 years.

Duchess Kate: Is she pregnant again? The tender gesture warms the rumors

Certificate of Origin from 15.09.2019: London – George, Charlotte and Louis – Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, are already blessed with three happy children. If, however, in the opinion of many media outlets and the royal couple's fans, this does not necessarily mean that their family planning is already over. Now a new image has emerged, which many see as indicative of a fourth pregnancy of 37 years.

Duchess Kate: New pregnancy rumors about this gesture

They stand out and laugh: Duchess Kate and British TV personality Mary Barry appear to be joining. This was shown again when the two ladies recently met at the opening of the Back to Nature children's playground in Woking Surrey, England. As the Gala conveys, the two often burst out laughing and wondering at each other. So, it seems, her mood was so good that it is now the largely famous gesture of Marie Barry, who has now fueled rumors of pregnancy for Duchess Kate.

So the footage shows how 84-year-old Kate gently hugs and puts her hand on the Duchess's stomach. Whatever the expression of affection Marie Barry feels for the Duchess of Cambridge, some interpret it as clear evidence that Prince William's wife may in fact be seeking new blood.

Kate and William: Speculation about more offspring doesn't stop there

True to that, too, for some time now they have been eagerly speculating again. Royal commentator Phil Dampier, according to the British Sun, thinks it would not be surprising if the royal couple should soon have a baby number four. He explains his estimation that the Duchess will not only love family life, but may also have reason to withdraw from the royal duties, which she does not particularly enjoy because of another pregnancy.

In addition, a fourth child can bring a whole new balance to the family of Williams and Kate. For more offspring it would not only mean that the youngest prince Louis would get a playmaker of a similar age, but there would also be a chance the prince couple would then have two girls and two sons. At the moment, the baby of the family of just under one and a half years is also a bit of a lathe, after all, his big brothers and sisters only had their first day at school. But especially with Charlotte's enrollment, her eyes were mostly on her mother.

What is this time about baby rumors about Duchess Kate?

This has not changed with the latest speculation. How exactly the right path is this time, remains to be seen. After all, several months ago it was rumored that Duchess Catherine would be in other circumstances. At the time, however, the assumptions were not true, because otherwise fans would be literally happy about the live proof.

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