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Corona Debate Debate: The federal government is apparently planning drastic measures

From November 4, according to the report, only members of two households will be allowed to meet. Among other things, the catering facilities will have to be closed for about four weeks. The protection of risk groups has the highest priority.

The federal government wants to control the massive increase in the number of coronary infections with drastic contact restrictions. According to a draft resolution submitted by the German press agency for today’s video conference between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and state ministers, these measures should take effect throughout Germany from November 4 and be implemented until the end of the month. The draft resolution was also made available to the Funke media group.

The goal of federal and state governments is to “quickly stop the dynamics of the infection so that far-reaching restrictions will not be needed during the Christmas season,” it said. “Family and friends should be able to meet during the Christmas season even under Corona conditions. This now requires a joint effort, as in the spring.”

Lock for gastronomy and tourism

Among other things, catering facilities such as bars, clubs, discos, pubs and similar premises should be closed – the only exception is the delivery and collection of food for consumption at home. In Germany, only members of your household and those of another household should be allowed to stay together in public. This is mandatory, violations of these contact restrictions will be sanctioned by regulatory bodies, according to the draft.

Groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments and private buildings are unacceptable given the serious condition. The federal government also wants to ban tourist accommodation offers in Germany for most of November. Accommodation offers should be given only for necessary purposes. This regulation should be valid from November 4 until the end of the month.

Events should be banned

In addition, the federal government wants to ban entertainment events throughout Germany for most of November. Theaters, opera houses and concert halls should be closed from November 4 until the end of the month. The regulation also affects leisure and amateur sports at and in all public and private sports facilities, swimming pools and entertainment pools, as well as fitness studios and similar facilities. Fairs, cinemas and amusement parks should also be closed.

The federal government wants to open schools and kindergartens. However, federal states need to introduce further safeguards in these areas. Therefore, retail should remain open as a whole, subject to hygiene requirements, access control and queue avoidance.

Risk groups need to be specially protected

Personal care companies, such as cosmetics studies, massage practices or tattoo studios, are due to close in November for three and a half weeks at the discretion of the federal government. Hairdressing salons should remain open according to the existing hygienic conditions. Medically necessary treatments, such as physiotherapy, should also continue to be possible.

The federal government wants to protect at-risk groups such as the sick, those in need of care, the elderly and especially the disabled. The available rapid corona tests “should now be used promptly and with priority in this area” to enable secure contacts, according to the draft draft resolution. The special protection of hospitals, nursing homes, the elderly and institutions for the disabled should not lead to complete social isolation. Unfortunately, the increasing number of infections has also led to an increase in infections in medical facilities and in such risk groups.

Tageshau reported on this topic on October 27, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

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