Sunday , September 20 2020

Container: Docker sells business and gets a new CEO


The Doctrinal Company, the Confidential Registry and the Universal Control Service will all be owned by Kubertes specialist Mirantis. Add them to Docker Inc.'s 750 existing clients, affiliate programs and strategic technology alliances. How much Mirantis paid to Docker is unknown. Adrian Elonel, chief executive of Mirantis, told Techcrunch that Mirantis' customers will not notice significant disruptions. With the sale of 300 Docker employees, they are relocating to Mirantis.

A solution for orchestrating the Docker's containers, Sar, is also likely to die from the deal. In the future, we will rely on Kubertes, the main business of Mirantis. The two companies continue to work together on Docker's open source components and are improving the platform. Google's Cubertes made a huge contribution to the container orchestra market. Roy was falling behind more and more. Mirantis wants to support Swarm for another two years.

Docker Inc. wants to focus again on maintaining developer tools and upgrading the Docker desktop and Docker Center.

During the sale, Docker also changed his CEO. Current Chief Product Officer Scott Johnston takes over as Rob Bearden. He had been the only CEO since May and apparently failed to bring the stumbling block back to shape.

Despite the success of its platform, Docker failed to set up a profitable business model. In October 2019 it was announced that Docker had financial problems. A $ 35 million refurbished investment by investors Benchmark Capital and Insight Partners, the first to give the company back some air. In total, Docker now raised over $ 300 million in capital.


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