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Commitment to human rights "not allowed" in the Bayern Munich statute? – Bundesliga – Football

The annual general meeting of FC Bayern takes place on Friday night (15.11.19) at the Munich Olympics. In advance, one member submitted a proposal to change the statute. Demand: Human rights commitment should be included. Already at past member meetings, the topic was introduced by word of mouth. However, the FC Bayern Presidency rejected the application on the grounds of inadmissibility. This is clear from the correspondence that is exclusively for Sport inside.

Demand for amending the statute

In a letter dated 11 October, the applicant claimed that the association was committed to respecting human rights in its statutes. Specifically, it concerns the addition of § 2 of the members of the association (“purpose and tasks”) to the fourth paragraph:

"The club is committed to upholding human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and is committed to protecting those rights."

The reason for this amendment is the role model function and social responsibility of the association.

The FC Bayern Munich presidency has decided the request "In the absence of acceptability, not to be treated at the annual general meeting." The rationale states, in connection with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: FC Bayern Munich eV. "not in category country" yet he was "a business enterprise in terms of these guiding principles",

Rejection of "unlawful" application

For university professor and club law expert Lars Leuchner, Bayern's argument is not attractive: "Guiding principles for United Nations business and human rights can easily be applied to FC Bayern Munich EV." This is even more so given the fact that the club is a majority shareholder of Bayern Munich AG. The club has 75 percent of the outsourced professional department, which can make a crucial impact.

According to Leuchner, the amendment is acceptable because it fulfills all the conditions contained in the statute (form, deadline, reasoning). While no one is obliged to adhere to the guiding principles of the United Nations, "But the decision is up to the members, not the bureau"continues Leuchner. The rejection of the application was therefore "illegal".

Bayern Munich's request for Sport remained unanswered.

Host of FC Bayern and Qatar World Cup

Bayern has been criticized in the past for pursuing economic interests in Qatar. The club organizes a training camp in Doha every year and Qatar Airways is Qatar Airways' main sponsor. In the Bayern fan curve there have been again and again critical banners about this relationship in Qatar in recent years. Organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also highlighted the precarious human rights situation in Qatar.

In the country of Qatar, nearly 2 million guest workers are currently working under conditions that are sometimes inappropriate and exploitative in order to build the 2022 World Cup infrastructure.

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