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Cologne: Seven Carnival Arrests – Cable Attack

At the beginning of the carnival season in Cologne, there were several dangerous attacker attacks. One stranger has a cable tie around the neck of the carnival back and taut. A doctor at the medical tent has released the 22-year-old from the plastic band, police said Monday night.

In the afternoon investigation, a paramedic explained to the detective that there was a similar case in the early morning.

Two young men are also suspected of throwing debris from a skyscraper in Cologne and injuring a bystander. One of the "lumps" hit an 18-year-old carnival that was slightly injured. Officers arrested two 17- and 19-year-old men in the house.

By late night, 82 referrals had been issued and seven people had been arrested, according to a Cologne police carnival record. Among other things, there were 29 violations of personal injury. Criminal or regulatory complaints have been filed against several drunk e-scooter users. Several times, according to police, the truck ban was not ignored.

A young woman gets up in front of a tram and gets hurt

A passer-by is caught in the carnival chaos in the southern city of Cologne by light rail and is seriously injured. The train driver was shocked, as was his colleague, who controlled the train and saw the disaster. The trail was originally blocked. The 34-year-old woman was not in a suit and therefore probably not a carnival.

Carnival season begins on November 11th at 11:11 am. In Düsseldorf, the "traditional" Chopinitz wakes up after a nine-month deep, traditional dream. In Cologne a new triumvirate was presented. Police were accompanying the events with a significant security contingent. On February 26, the carnival season ends again on Wednesday.

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