Friday , September 25 2020

Celiac Disease: How Wheat Affects Our Body


SFor more than eight years, physician and biochemist Detlef Zupan himself has not eaten wheat anymore. No rolls, no pasta, no cake. He avoids wheat because this reinforces his research on inflammation. A gastroenterologist from the University of Mainz and the Harvard Medical School in the United States explains why one of our most important foods can cause illness, and celiac disease is much more widespread than expected.

THE WORLD: Mr Chupan, celiac disease is probably already heard from wheat intolerance. People who suffer from it do not tolerate gluten gluten. You yourself have published a crucial research on the understanding of this disease in the 1997 issue of Nature.

Detlef Juppan: Yes, although this disease was not new at all. In the middle of the last century, Dutch physician Willem Karel Dyke first realized that much of the strong growth and failure of children at that time was the result of wheat. lack of food, significantly improved. His subsequent research has confirmed that the cause is wheat in gluten.

THE WORLD: Fortunately, celiac disease is not very common …

Schuppan: That's not exactly true.

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