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BVB: Why Lucien Javier has no chance with BVB


It was nothing. Dortmund players after a 0: 4 defeat to Munich. Picture: Imagery pictures / MIS / bernd feil


3 acute problems show why Borussia Dortmund is not currently a Masters candidate

Bvb coach Lucien Javier looked depressed after the latest whistle and a little helpless as he came out in front of the journalists' microphones. The Swiss could not understand why his team played so poorly against Bayern Munich (0: 4).

"Bayern were much better than us, we weren't good, it was a disappointment," Havre Sky said in the game analysis: "We were not scared, they were better, they were good in possession and they were good in the ball. We lost almost everyone. balls in the first 25 minutes, very, very poor performance. "

Borussia Dortmund sports director Michael Zork didn't even want to call it that: It was a pretty "non-performance". Zork concluded: "It wasn't football at all."

But then what was that? The performance against record champions was a warning sign that Borussia Dortmund in the current constellation apparently cannot win the title.

For you we have analyzed 3 acute BVB problems:

Lucien Javre is great, but is he a masterpiece?

Now you might say: it depends on the coach and his system. Just like this is always the first impulse when a team is not working that way. But that would be too easy. Three games before Bayern's bankruptcy could win the BBC under Javier Da. Against Inter Milan managed the AC Milan team to even recover from a 0-2 deficit and turn the game to 3-2. In fact, the crew seems to be upset in seemingly hopeless situations.

By the way, Zork does not share the view that Bayern's recent loss was against Javier: "I would take the coach out completely, ask the players." His effort behind it? Easy to see through: The last thing Zork still needs after this revelation is a new discussion on Lucien Javier. Already had this season, but it has led to nothing, at present no one serious, which is better and can replace.

Astonished: Lucien Javre. Picture: Imagery pictures / MIS / bernd feil

Xavre is a very good coach. Point. The problem is: at BVB he is not a builderwho was in his previous grades Hertha BSC or Borussia Monchengladbach. There he gave his teams every defensive stability that gave impetus; formed gray teams from gray mice. In Dortmund he now has other demands, is now in demand as a masterpiece of the top team, should be dominant. In many of the past matches the game against Inter times other than BVB, however, was offensively very weak. Too often dribbling gets stuck right behind midfield, and that was the case against Bayern. Also, Dortmund's 2-1 defeat to Globach in October was extremely harmless most of the time.

After a 0-4 defeat to Munich Javier, he was upset on Saturday night, especially on the road, as his players lost the game. After all, players are part of the overall success of the team.

Maybe it's the wrong player for the mission title

Zork's "Ask the Players" and Javre's problems with the "manner" of his actors reveal another acute problem with BVB: the team is not as good as predicted. During the summer, many experts and fans cheered on Dortmund's team after Borussia Dortmund won four outings with Julian Brandt, Nico Schultz, Mats Hummels and Torgan Hazard.

After eleven meetings in the Bundesliga, however, it should be said: The newcomers have really improved the width, but not at the top of the squad. Hazard is nothing more than a good Bundesliga player, Brandt only works if he plays in the right position and Schultz has never measured himself internationally. In addition, it lacks a powerful goal striker that can occupy the penalty area and turn wings.

In addition, young players like Ahraf Hakimi and Shadon Sancho, two of Dortmund's top scorers, already have a heavy burden on their shoulders.although they still have a decline in performance at their age – which is quite normal. Also, central defender Manuel Akandzi, already at BBS 2018 for the time being, does not currently seem to have the class and leadership quality that will make Dortmund ready for the title. Even aces like world champion Mario Gatze or internationally experienced Axel Witsel, who was brought in as a leading player, did not stab Bayern.

One hits his hands over his head and the other knees: Hummel (left) and Gatze. Picture: Imagine Pictures / Action Picture / Treasure Treasure

Only the experienced Mats Hummels has shown that he can take responsibility and push his teammates. Hummels also spoke clearly after the last whistle: "This defeat was a sign to us that we are not a top army." Yes, he added, "we can be one of our good days, but a top team is bad."

The top team with championship aspirations was Borussia Dortmund on Saturday night in Munich, not really.

BBB bosses and coaches do not speak the same language

BVB's sporting achievements could be more measured by its own requirements. Club bosses, Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wachke and Manager Zork, confidently set the goal of the pre-season championship. Which brings us to problem number three: Watzke wants to become a master, Zork wants to become a master. And Lucien Javre? Tip before the season that champion Bayern Munich. While the management floor calls the championship trophy a seasonal goal, the coach is rather meek and reserved – but so is he, the Swiss skier.

First take a deep breath: Aki Watske. Image: Images of Imagos / Eibner

Even the talk of "men's soccer", which Zork called before the Bayern Munich game, appeared to have failed. Except for the question of whether the chosen term is still up to date: When Sky reporter Patrick Wasserzier approached Javier ahead of the "men's soccer" match, the Swiss responded with the thrilling "Baaas!" – as if he could do nothing.

In the meantime, Watzke has announced that he plans to "meet next week in the context of our round of sports leadership". He said this to Janke Mediengrup. The "current situation" of the Dortmund team needs to be accurately analyzed. There is a lot to do in Dortmund. Because somehow it doesn't fit much now.

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